Marshall Ferguson

Loving TSN's new play by play guy Marshall Ferguson. Slick and knowledgeable.
Pleasant change listening to football strategy as opposed to six plays worth of how Rod Black feels to be back :slight_smile:
Quality upgrade. Need some of that in the studio too.


miss him on TSN 1150 Hamilton. Station's gone, he's gone. Lots of CFL football talk driving to work and back. I don't listen to any of the TO sports radio anymore. That must of been the goal , right TSN


Marshall Ferguson had a good debut. Good chemistry with Duane Forde. Ferguson and Dustin Nielson, among others, are the future. We should be reasonably patient with them as they continue to improve.


It's more of a decision by Bell than TSN.

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I don’t think we’ll need to be too patient with Marshall. He was terrific. The question is will the TSN brass give him more games or is the return of Rod and Rod imminent. I suspect the latter but Marshall’s time will come soon now that he’s proven he can handle the gig


I was away last week and missed all the games - didn't know they used Marshall Ferguson but like many here - really like his approach and his outlook on the game and know he will do a good job. Hope he gets a lot of action.

Marshall did great as Ticats play by play guy and miss him and TSN in Hamilton.

His TSN debut was great. There was two die hard Canadian football people in the booth with Ford there.

Ferguson didn't call the game like he was cheering for one of the teams. I home he doesn't fall into that trap like most TSN guys.

You can still listen to him on the Canadian Football Perspective podcasts.

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Marshall got kudos from both Rod and Matt during the Ottawa Montreal game. Footsteps?

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Marshall is awesome. A great move by TSN to get a younger PBP man into the booth, and nobody works harder at studying film than he does. As a former QB that started in the Vanier Cup, we can be sure he understands what he is talking about. I hope sooner, rather than later, he becomes THE voice of the CFL on TSN.

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I follow CFperspective and watch his podcasts on YouTube all the time. His Wednesday show with Derek Taylor is fabulous.

Marshall did a good job. I remember when I first heard him during a TiCat broadcast a few years ago I thought he would eventually wind up on the CFL telecasts.

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Best thing about the Women's World Hockey championships is they served as a kind of restraining order for Rod Black to not be near a CFL stadium. Unfortunately, that all ends this weekend as Black will be absolutely rabid to get back to what he does best - NONSENSICALLNESS

Whoever was doing play by play for the Edmonton-BC game a couple weeks ago was absolutely awful.

Footsteps? I'd be more concerned if I was Sanchez or Barker. I've never see more painfully wooden hand offs. Great guys I'm sure, announcers, not so much. If only they could clone Stegall.

I’m starting to miss Climie

Barker I feel will be offered employment somewhere . Ottawa could use him .

Agreed. Seems to be doing very well and has you say a great delivery with plenty of knowledge to back it up.

The only thing that’s missing is more references to players’ relatives that played in the NFL. :wink:

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:smiley:........also If only I knew they were drafted by the NFL even if given a cup of coffee it would validate that I am watching something worthwhile . I really like it when they pander to my low self esteem because I am watching the CFL . :grinning:

Marshall did a fantastic job. I hope he gets another shot. Better than anyone TSN has now and a thousand times better than Rod Black. Is it just me or are there others that can't stand listening to Clair Hannah. She is like a fingernail on chalkboard to me. I believe she is capable but just can't stand listening to her. I am not against women on the sidelines. The girl from Winnipeg is better than any man TSN has used.

Marshall has done a great job so far .

Is it her voice you don't like or her demeanor in general .

I haven't really paid attention to Clair Hanna enough to say anything good or bad ; I will have to listen up next time she is on .

Orleski is pretty good and seems to be settled in and relaxed with her TSN /CFL moments even when doing stadium announcing .