Marshall Ferguson calls out Trash Madani

The greatest pro CFL rant of all time. Shoots down every anti CFL agenda clown, there is. Brilliant.

Marsh and Milton TSN 1150 Hamilton
Why do people hate the CFL?

Marshall dropped the mic and took out the Trash. Time to do the same at this forum

I'm afraid to listen. Is it good, bad or ugly?

Read the first sentence of the thread :slight_smile:

Fair enough. I will listen. Thanks! :thup:

Good bit on the CFl and it's haters . Thanks for posting and linking .

Yo :roll:

This rant, was bloody epic. Marshal Fergusson needs a raise TSN.

Perhaps there's a "future" for CIS quarterbacks in the CFL after all.

Dustin Junk is a "writer" at and now Marshall Mathers has a bit part on TSN.

Justin works at your favourite Rogers too, as if you didn't know LastTroll. How many socks do you still have here? Are they ready to go when both you and I get banned?

Marshall Ferguson is great. He's got a bright future in broadcasting.

Good on Ferguson for telling it like it is. Couldn't agree more!
I've been battling the anti-CFL people for years (40+)
Glad the season has started, and here's hoping for a great year!!

Just listened to it and it was a good rant. I missed the part about calling out Madani?

I was at BMO Thursday night too and he was right, the crowd was noisy, I left before the streaker came out so I don't have an opinion on how loud that was. The crowd was fired up when Mike Clemons was introduced a great moment.
Kyle also mentioned that you can be an NFL fan and a CFL fan too, I think that is lost on some people on these boards, it's the CFL or nothing.
I'm going to the next game at BMO too, I bought a mini pack. Hopefully the word gets out about the party at BMO and they can sustain the 20k plus crowds. The thing that could bring them down is losing, if Ray doesn't improve the natives will be restless, a few boos the other night when he was not hitting the receivers.

By the time the two streakers came onto the field most of the crowd had already left. The exodus started at halftime and by the end of the 3rdQ it was more than half empty.

When did they ever have tailgaters setting up 5 hours before a Jays game, or Leafs, or Raptors? People in Toronto are getting excited about the CFL, thanks to the new stadium and the new ownership. Just like with the Tiger-cats and the RedBlacks, they just needed those elements. Ontario is no longer the weak link in the CFL chain…if there is one.

Madani just wants to believe that the CFL is doomed to fail, because he probably grew up being told that, and refuses to believe anything different. At one time it really looked like it would. A guy from London (Ont.) told me in 1992 he couldn’t believe that he had actually met a CFL fan.

The problem has always been that for decades we have compared ourselves to the NFL. This league will never have the money or the fan base that the NFL has. It’s only recently that the league has started to look at what it is, rather than what it isn’t. We don’t need 50,000-seat stadiums, half-empty. A 25,000-seat stadium packed to the rafters is far more electrifying. That’s what Toronto fans have now, and within a couple of seasons, as more and more people discover the experience, you won’t be able to buy a ticket.

As Marshall was saying, this is a new era.

Madani is the person that he got into it with on Twitter. He didn't want to name him on air.

Kickin' ass and takin' names, CFL Director Of Communications Paolo Senra, mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

The Negative is - ONLY - 50,000 watching on RDS ???
Quebecers hate the CFL, they get higher ratings for the Quebec CIS

Why would RDS have big numbers for anything outside of Montreal? Maybe Ottawa. 50K for Toronto and Hamilton is not bad at all.

It’s been known for years, RDS numbers are only good for the Alouettes. If the Als are not playing, the CFL isn’t a big draw.
This is why, IMO, Quebec City would make an awesome CFL city - increased CFL exposure / higher ratings in Quebec.

Good to see someone in the CFL setting the record straight and combating the lies from Rogers.