Marshall fails to react to tempo of game

First let me state that l think we all wanted Greg Marshall to succeed as the coach of the Ti-cats,it is agreat feel good story!
But,reality has set infor us Ti-cat fans.
After 3 yeaars of his coaching we are unable to compete in the CFL,we are not getting any better soon.Every facet of our team is ranked at the bottom or near the bottom of the CFL, defense,offense and special teams look terrible.Our defensive coordinator has not made our defense a force to fear instead we look unorganized and are scored upon at will.This position is picked by our head coach and l am sure last year Katz or somebody said to Greg " you sure you want Kavis Reed as your defensive coach ,we were last in the league" and Marshall must have defended him, another bad decision by Marshall.Here is another decision,Gerome Erdman is our "special teams coach " and guess what our special teams have been nothing but terible since Greg hired him and Marshall once again must have defended his coach for no good reason but loyalty or stubborness to admit he chose the wrong guy for the job.I am going to skip over Jamie Boreham 's role on this team " why is he still here ?Last year when it was obvious that Mcmanus 's best years were behind him,he keeps playing him no matter how many interceptions he throws or that the game was over by the 3 rd quarter and he still would not change the Qb for Eakin untill there was
3 useless mins left in the game.Now this year we see Jason Mass struggling with his 1 touchdown and 5 interceptions in 3 games and 5 yard passes to nowhere.Finally my point,sorry for taking so long to say it,but why does not Greg Marshall throw in Kevin Eakin for a couple of series in the second quarter or third or start the second half with Eakin when Mass is struggling, to see if he that can change the flow of the game for Hamilton,why not? it can not hurt his team or is it Marshall can not admit he is wrong or is he afraid the Eakin will succed and have to bench Mass until he earns it back.Mass is not the only reason we are losing but he is surely not helping us win.Marshall only reacts to penaltys and not to the game itself, to recognize that sometimes you have to make a change at QB
to affect the tempo of the game.Ask Danny Maccioa of the Eskimos why he switched Ray for Mass during Edmontons Grey Cup run to victory!!!!!!!!!!

hey bo

Kinda hard to disagree with that.
We really don’t know the inside story, but I’m sure coach Marshall realizes he’s made a couple of bad decisions. :cowboy:

I'll touch on one of your points. Why doesn't Marshall switch QBs in the middle of the game. The first reason would be that Maas needs to get more reps with the first team guys. I said before Maas should have played more in the pre-season for exactly this reason. The new offence isn't just going to happen overnight, the #1 unit, as a whole needs to be out there. It's the same reason Kerry Joseph was left in the game in BC (week 1) even though BC was destroying the Riders. You can practice all day and all night, but game reps are a lot different than reps in practice.

I too would like to see a backup QB thrown in for a series or two just to shake things up once in a while. However, I can't remember the last time a Ti-Cat backup was brought in to play unless there was an injury or the game was way out of hand and there was only a little time left.

Look i am not saying that we should not play Mass but how could it hurt us to throw in Eakin for a couple of series early in the game.Remember when Ottawa had Tom Clements and Condrege Holloway defense got all screwed up when they swithched them.Why do we waste our talent on the bench or practise field when they can help us and if they can't we better find out now and not when it counts!!

albo51 said

why does Greg Marshall not throw in Kevin Eakin for a couple of series in the second quarter or third or start the second half with Eakin when Mass is struggling, to see if he that can change the flow of the game for Hamilton,why not?

Few professional football coaches yank their QB in the 2nd quarter
or the 3rd quarter when the score that close.

Your idea could be tried when we are down 14 or more points in the 2nd half.


Greg, as Head Coach, may consider that these decisions aren't for him to make because he isn't the Offensive co-ordinator, [Danny Maciocia is for the Esks]

I really do not understand the whole lets put the other guy into the game scenario. That might work if they have somewhat equal talent but have vastly different styles.
But in our situation we are still hoping for all the pieces to come together.
After all did we not make a big trade to get Maas when we already had Eakin. If Eakin is a number 1 then why did we do it. Because Maas is better.

The games maybe close in the score but when your offense is not doing the job by scoring points or even moving the ball you have to react,and the bottom line is we are 0 and 3 and our offense has scored like 4 2nd half points all season.The head coach is the head coach and he makes or should make the final decisons.Do you think that Bill Cowher would let one of his co ordinators screw up continually or embarrass him? No way in hell!!!

Eakin would have been killed. Without him getting the majority of reps with the first team at practices, he would not be on-tempo with the recievers. As well, Maas has had very little time to even look downfield, because our O-line is being beaten like a rented mule. The tackles on the outside cannot seem to be able to handle the speedy defensive ends in this league.

He did not get killed when he was thrown in last year, he looked good. And being the 1 st time in a long time that we have a great back up,lets not be afraid to use him.

I’m not saying that we SHOULD be afraid to use him - just not yet. Last year we had a much better o-line. Eaking knew he was starting against Ottawa. He got killed by the blue team the next game. This is Maas’ team.

Historically the Ticats (and all Eastern teams) fail to develop their #2 QB, which raises the question as to why we even need a #3.
It will never change, this is fact. If you want to see development then we should be following either Calgary, Edmonton or BC.
As for Marshall's coaching, I've said it last year and this year.....he needs an emotional revamp. He's only "passionite" when calls are against us. I want a Bill Cohwer type personality type as coach, not a softy...which is what I'm seeing. :cowboy:

Here's a thought - maybe the press was right ....

Ken Peters of The Hamilton Spectator wrote .... "While some media observers harbour a sneaking suspicion that Maas isn't 100 per cent -- he had ice on his throwing elbow at practice a few weeks ago" ....

Could this be the reason for the type of plays that Joe Paopao has been sending in?

If Maas isn't 100% and can't throw deep, it would explain a lot about our offense. Keeping the defence on the field longer leading to more opportunities for the opponent, leading to ... (I'll let you guys figure it out from there.

As I said - just a thought.

I refute it thus: Tracy Ham and A.C.

First i will say that IMo- caoch marshal Is the TiCats bench boss- and should be for at least this season and next- Lets look at this season- Marshal praised the Caretaker (BOB) for opening up the funds to upgrade the talent on the team, , but what happend- Katz HIRED P.P - and payed big bucks for his guy RANEK, and we got holmes ,mass and vaghn- Where did the team needed upgrading the most- was the secondary, (i dont know of any money being spent there- ) So now we have a big name offence that cant score- this is up to the OC,-why not script the 3rd q during practice, like they do the 1stq? - If Marshal is canned and they make PP the HC, ill be totally digusted.

Scripting the 3rd quarter before the game won't work as teams adjust at the half. And there is certainly no time to do so during a 15 minute break.

Re-Scripting the 3rd quarter before the game won't work as teams adjust at the half. And there is certainly no time to do so during a 15 minute break. This is the CFL only 8 teams that know each other very well., I dont think it would matter if they scripted some plays for the 3rd and had Eakin run them,or not) , say 10 plays, - think what adjustments is the DQ going to make,? switch to zone? what is their history? - - this talk of taking what the D gives you is crap- we have TO many weapons for someone not to be open where we want them to be. Scripting the plays forces the D to adjsut and makes them "Plyable" IMO

I don't think Maas is injured. I think that Marshall and Paopao have to call a better game for him, the whole team needs to execute better (including Maas), and the O-line needs to give him some protection. What is with the endless series of hitch passes? Playcalling that predictable will get you nowhere fast. The whole point of running a hitch pass is so that eventually, when the DBs start to bite on your throwing motion, you pump-fake it instead and take a shot down the field. But they never did that, not even once. Why? It's like handing the ball off to your RB and never once trying play action in a game -- it makes no sense.

Look, with the talent on offence, there is absolutely no reason why this team can't be a powerhouse. You have Maas behind centre, Ranek, Radlein, and Holmes in the backfield, and Vaughn, Morreale, Flick, and Yeast at receiver. Vaughn and Morreale can be your possession receivers to sustain long drives. Flick and Yeast are gamebreakers who can go deep. Ranek catches the ball so often he's almost an extra receiver. No excuses. If the Cats can't make the playoffs this year, the coaches should be held responsible.

I agree that the 'pump-fake' seems to be missing.....Mike Kerrigan and Danny Mac used to use it as a classic weapon's an awesome move and no matter how many times you use it, it seems to freeze the defense every's very strange how it works so well, so often.

Another thing....did we use the screen pass much last game?......I didn't keep track....but there's another play which works when the O-Line hasn't quite gelled yet.....(forgive me if we did in fact use it often....I was up and down a lot during the game)

Re the pump fake- Its all about isolating the safety, we arent . we arent scoring , Our safety is getting eliminated., and we are week deep.imo

This is kind of a chicken-and-egg debate. Is your passing game weak because you won't use it, or are you not using your passing game because it is weak? My feeling is that opposing teams have no fear of Hamilton's deep ball because they never even try to go downfield. Taking one or two ill-advised shots into double coverage in the fourth quarter does not constitute a deep-ball game. You have to do it early and often so that defences aren't sure when you will make your move.

Regarding the hitch passes and pump-faking: they ran that play ... what? Eight times last game? Every single time they went with the play and didn't fake. And after the first couple of times, I noticed that Calgary's DBs converged on the ball carrier instantaneously, almost as soon as Maas started his throwing motion. Now that tells me that those DBs weren't respecting the deep threat at all. So on the third or fourth time, you fake the hitch, get them all moving toward the receiver, and then launch one down the field to your WR who's hopefully gotten a step on his cover man. Even if the attempt fails, you've made them think twice about that hitch play. If you never fake and simply run that play 50% of the time on first down, no kidding it's going to fail! Shame on you, Paopao. You were a better and more creative QB than that in your time.