Marshall (caretaker please read)

Like I've said before this guy is going to burn himself and this team out. He reminds me of my old peewee football coach who used to yell at everything, even if someone ran for a 70 yard t.d he'd yell at him for looking back. This type of coaching does nothing for anyone, it just causes a whirl wind of tension among the players, no one on this team is relaxed, they're uptight, playing not to lose instead of playing to win, which is a reflection of the big bossman Marshall. Maybe his coaching style worked in highschool but this is supposed to be the pros, players aren't little boys they're grown men who need a mentor, someone who will cut tension not create it. Look at any of the great coaches and all of them are serious to a point, they no how to relate and joke with the players, they're not seen on the sidelines looking like a psychotic luni every time a flag is thrown. At times he looks like he's just escaped his straight jacket before heading out onto the field. And don't get me started on the Bill Cower comparison, Bill knows how to joke and relate with his players, Greg knows how to isolate himself and put a shield around himself during a game. And their records aren't even close, Bob said Pitt has patience in Bill, well it's not hard to have patience when Bill wins his division almost every year including his first 4 as head coach, and made it to the Super Bowl in his third season. So Bob, caretaker, please cut Marshall's leash so he can run back into the wild where he's most suited. And yes I'd still write this rant even if we won yesterday, we had no business being in that game.

well said!

I think cutting Marshall's leash three games into the season would do more harm than good. Especially if you're planning on making Joe PaoPao the team's HC... the guy can barely coach as it is.

Listen, I don't support firing Marshall, but if they're going to do it, they should wait till the end of the season when they can get a real coach to take his place.

I do not support canning Greg Marshall. I think that there needs to be a change at defensive coordinator before thinking of axing Greg. The lack of an appreciable defensive identity into the third year of a "five year plan" warrants a change.

If you have a "bend but don't break" philosophy, you can't break. What philosophy or identity does this defensive unit have? Is it clear to anyone at this point? It seems to be more barometric-related than about a system based on cunning and audacity.

Oski Wee Wee,

I see no reason why we can't replace Marshall now, no time like the present. Ron Lancaster can take over the year, replace Reed with Sudsy, Paopao with Cody Ledbetter. I can see a huge blow up happening soon, Maas is like a race car thats at a red light, he's ready to explode. He's doing his part as a leader, he is seen getting in players faces and trying to fire them up in the huddle, then they come out and throw some stupid hitch pass or run a bunch of 5 yards routes.

Coaching styles differ greatly and clearly Marshall is passionate coach looking to put his players in the best position to win. Yelling at officials about the blown call on Maas' hook slide seems like a perfectly appropriate response to me. I know that I was yelling for a penalty on that play.
A bend don't break defensive philosophy on defence is the same style that Sudsy used during his tenure with varying results. Copeland and Lewis are premier players in the CFL and have been succesful for many years. Scoring two majors and holding the Stamps to two td's and 3 field goals was a good result for the defense. The offense while not scoring td's kept control of the ball and put the Cat's in position to win the game. While long pass plays would have been a welcome additon to the offensive performance as the score showed it was not required to give the Cats's a chance to win. A 3-4 defense (the same type of defense that the other team has played with great success over the past number of years) makes long passses an exception versus the rule. While it is difficult to see the coverages on TV the passes to DJ found him in very tight coverage. Tough plays for sure.
In any game, the opportunity to be close at the end and have a chance at winning are sometimes all that can be expected from many teams. In this game, the cat's had a chance for victory and fell just short.

Keep up the good work boys and continue to improve and fight to the end. It really is all that we as fans can hope for and as many have said deserve. I personally can't imagine a better way to spend a summer evening than hanging on every play rooting for the home side.

Just as Pigskin Pete gestures after each chant: Victory! (not peace)

Go Cat's Go

It is o.k to yell, but Marshall takes it to the extreme, you can go to any high school game anywhere and you'll find a coach who carries on like Marshall.

And I think the refs hate Marshall, and maybe will call penalties out of spite sometimes.

A coach needs to be able to evaluate the talent he has and use it to the best of the teams ability. I am not sure Marshal can do this, on the other hand maybe he never had the talent in camp.