Marshall, Boreham, Cavil

An 0-4 start to the season is completely unacceptable. Coach Marshall’s excuses for this pitiful start to the season have run dry. His blind devotion to Jamie Boreham is just one of a litanies of errors he has made. Obviously, a major shake-up is needed and firing Marshall is one of the biggest statements Bob Young can make. You guys have noticed that there happens to be a Throwin Samoan on the coaching staff that can lead this team?

Also, the team should be reprimanded for not bringing in a field-goal kicker to really compete with Boreham in camp. And I don’t want to hear any nonsense about Jamie hitting long tries in Practice or warm-up: a real game situation is what counts and this guy clearly does not have the meddle necessary to win games for a team. The Ti-Cats should make it their top priority to sign/trade for a top kicker before this season is lost and this Ruffin kid is not the answer!

And where is Kwame Cavil? Why isn’t coach Marshall playing him? Oh, is it because of the dearth of 1000 yrds receivers on the team? Well, apparently, those 1000 yrd receivers having been doing much, so why not give Cavil a chance? What’s the worst that can happen - lose?

Long Live The Vampiro ! ! !

If Marshall goes, the whole coaching staff has to go. Paopao, is the asst.head coach, yet there is no way he should take over. The guy coached the worst offense in the CFL in Ottawa and you think he will make a difference here? Our offense speakes volumes of his ability as an OC. No running game, only short passes for the most part. Maas is overrated too. This team will be 0-6 before anything is done.