Marshall as a Ti-Cat Assistant

The Globe & Mail is reporting that it might be possible that Marshall might return as an assistant next year. (According to the paper, Bob Young did not say no to that)

I think it is a great idea. Let him learn more about CFL coaching by actually doing it as an assistant. A lot of pressure will be off of his shoulders.

He could be in Hamilton for a very long time!!!

Marshall as Ti-Cat assistant and talent scout.

No brainer ,if he will accept the position.

Subject to the new HC wanting him. If the HC is to be held accountable he needs to be able to chose his assistants. Still, it would be nice if it all worked out like that. I don't think anyone ever questioned his passion or committment. Cheers

No. He will be perceived as a failure.

He needs to go elewhere to get a fresh start and refresh his reputation.

I think we'd be crazy to let him go. He's definitely HC material and could return to the post here at some point in the future.


At this point, the TiCats may be the only team to give him another CFL job and then, primarily out of guilt. It's not like he burned up the league these last 2 years. Yes he was a decent guy. Yes he was fan friendly. Yes he was good to the media. Yes he was a class act. Yes he was a community guy. Yes he tried very hard. BUT HE LOST ALOT!!! His best bet may be back to the CIS.

An Argo fan