Friday, August 19, 2011

BREAKING NEWS -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders have fired head coach Greg Marshall and offensive coordinator Doug Berry. Ken Miller will take over effective immediately. The Riders will be holding a news conference at 4:30 pm Friday to officially make the announcement.

It's Miller time!!! :smiley:

RH gets a free pass. I agree with DB but I think Marshall deserved more of a chance. O well they finally did something - we have to wait 16 days now to see if it will make any difference. You think Winnipeg is shaking in their boots yet? I said a couple times a few weeks back IF there were changes it would be on the 19th.

They had little choice but to make a change. I am not sure how I feel about Marshall getting the axe...I feel Berry may have drug him down.

Who will step in as OC?

Whoa, didn't think they'd fire both Marshall and Berry. A lot of responsibility for Miller now, and he's not exactly a spring chicken.

This Labour Day game will be reminiscent of 2004 when Rocky Butler came in green and upset the Bombers. There won't be much that LaPolice will be able to use from this year. He'll probably use footage from last year.

I'd imagine Miller would be both HC and OC for the remainder of the season.

I agree with the others who think Marshall should have been able to go longer, but it makes you wonder -- if they got rid of both coaches at once, what was being said about Marshall in the back rooms?

Guess this answers the question on where the improved offensive play calling came from yesterday...not Berry's heart. And as was indicated by some, yeah, I would agree that Miller was probably pretty involved in pratice/OC over the past week...more getting him up to speed than evaluating?

Still a little shocked that Marshall is gone though. I think that he would have been okay, but the outragous amounts of penalties last night may have done him in...i just really think this was mainly the O that was the issue this season, and that was a combination of injurred starting receivers and bad play calling.

Hate to say it but Marshall is scape goat
for Team that old and Tired
that has no depth

Firing Marshall was not right..

Kind of unfair to hold Marshall accountable for poor O when he's from a defensive background. Still think people should be holding Taman accountable for the team he built.

I think you are incorrect.

this team was out of control and Marshall was unable to get it into the same gear. it's either that he was unable to, or unwilling to.. but these players I feel did not want to play for him.

it was the right move.

Also, Marshall is leaving just in time for the receiving corps to start getting a few bodies back...poor bugger.

On the bright side, Ryan Dinwiddie seems very eager to help in any manner, and I think will help Miller out well.

I am just jazzed up right now...a big part of me expected a move, but not 2

I was expecting RH and DB to be gone. Still think RH should be replaced,,but that will wait till next year.

Greg Marshall never did anything to motivate his team. The look on his face on the sidelines at every single game this season has been dour and full of dismay. The job of a head coach is not only to be a strategist and all that sort of stuff, but also to be a motivator; the guy who gets his troops moving. Who knows how Marshall was at practice, but at the games his job is to get his team going and to blow sunshine up their asses whether they deserve it or not. He was (by his own admission) not the kind of guy to get his team fired up. That's what head coaches need to do. He never did it. He may be a smart football man, but was never head coach material. We could keep him on as an assistant coach maybe, but he never had what it takes to be the leading man. There was a reason he was an assistant for 17 years. Good guy? Sure. Good coach? Maybe. Good HEAD coach? Unfortunately not. This was a good move.

I agree with those who said that Marshall got the short end of the stick. He may or may not have been a good head coach, but I don't think he was given proper opportunity to show it one way or another.

I feel bad for Marshall, though. I still think he was put in a bad situation, especially since he was restricted as to whom he could hire as coordinators.

Then again, how many fired Head Coaches was Taman paying at once in Winnipeg? There's one guy who's not afraid to swing the axe at someone else's head to save his own!

Yeah, i can't argue CITB...a clean slate is likely best here...

Yesterday when Romero got the facemask penalty he lost it. His teammates tried calming him down. The assistants tried calming him. Marshall did it in a couple of seconds, with a smile on his face. When I saw that I kinda thought the players must be responding well to him. He may have had to go, but I do feel he got the short end of the stick. It sounded like he questioned keeping Berry when he first started (this has been discussed a fair amount on this forum)...guess he should have put his foot down and told them to choose.

I would also imagine that they talked to a few team leaders...Patrick, DD, Cates, etc, and also observed stuff we simply are not privy to....

However you look at it...big day in Rider Nation

I hope your right about RH and not that they are looking at him to be HC next year.

It was inevitable. Heads had to roll.

Anybody from the coaching team could have been fired and there would enough reasons to support it.

It’s not like firing guys is going to cost us any potnetial wins, so why wait? No need to wait.

Decisions had to be made this week.

Seeking words of wisdom: Let it be.

I, Honestly, can't believe it! I for sure thought we'd have to wait years to see significant changes and I've said so in many posts. I am now, humbly, eating my words and I've thrown in ma shorts as well. Wow, still can't believe it....pass the hot sauce pls! lol