Marshall and Berry Fired in Riderville

Not too surprized about Berry, but yes about Marshall

Friday, August 19, 2011

BREAKING NEWS -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders have fired head coach Greg Marshall and offensive coordinator Doug Berry. Ken Miller will take over effective immediately. The Riders will be holding a news conference at 4:30 pm Friday to officially make the announcement.

Aww beat me to it. But Thank God!!!

Firing Marshall seems very knee jerk to me.

Can't say I'm even remotely surprised.

It is obvious the players weren't going to the wall for Marshall or Berry. There will be a definitely different attitude on Labour Day for the Green Riders.

To me as well. All I can say in defense of the move is: Taman must have seen something very wrong with how Marshall was running the team to give him the axe just eight games into the season, 1-7 record or not.

Hmmm, I wonder who's gonna be the OC?

I'm not sure I agree with firing Marshall. He was kind of put in a bad situation, and from what I understood, didn't even have the option of hiring his own coordinators. I would have liked to have seen what he would do if given the rights to pick his staff, like most coaches are given.

Berry had to go, though. I agree with this one entirely.

If Miller is taking on HC duties, has there been any indication on who will be OC? Will Miller wear both hats on the bench, as well as his front office job? I am hopeful that Buratto does not get promoted to OC. He is of the same mold as Berry when it comes to turning runners into pocket passers, so if the Riders go that route, they may as well have not made any change at all.

At the very least, we know that Miller knows how to fire guys up! Lets see what happens.

Maybe Taman felt that just firing the OC wouldn't make a big enough statement? Maybe he wanted to go as big as he could to keep people from demanding his head? Or maybe, as you say, he saw something behind the scenes, or wanted a more "rah rah" type of guy in the room? I don't know.

I feel bad for Marshall, though. I still think he was put in a bad situation.

Wow, Didn't think this would happen although have been thinking it's not all the fault of injuries and missing a couple guys gone to the NFL.

All good points. I guess I just feel that when you have to fire your own hand-picked man eight games into the season, you've messed up as GM. Either you have confidence in Marshall for a full season, or you should never have hired him in the first place.

They wanted a Scape goat he is it..

This team is old has little depth and that problem is higher up

I think we'll see a team that responds to Ken Miller and will turn it around. might take a game or two but they will turn it around.

I'm with you on that one, D&P. Of course, how many fired head coaches did he manage to stack up on the payroll in Winnipeg?

2 scapegoats for the riders....

can't say i'm overly surprised... but at the same time, its not the coaches fumbling, it's not the coaches getting penalties on big plays, missed balls even, bad throws... thats not on the coaches. its on the players. but since its hard to fire the whole team... these 2 get the axe.

miller might bring more "motivation" but if they werent motivated to play for marshall...hasnt berry been there the last few years now? then why would they be motivated to play under miller. if they need that much motivation to go play a sport for a job and get paid to do it...i dont want them on my team. seriously getting paid to play is their motivation, they all want to win, sure some coaches are rah rah lets do it for the gipper or whatever... but really talk is cheap.. action and execution in football says more.. the riders havent executed properly for a long time.. 1-7? yup.. but with 1 less turnover a game, 1 less missed fg, one less drop.. 3-5 atleast.

riders are something crazy in their last 16 or 18 regular season games... like 6-12 even,it's a shockingly bad record. its not all on the coaches, actually i'd put 100 percent of the blame on the players and the people who couldnt find people to replace some of these players (taman)

so now.. miller is the coach and taman is the gm... miller is tamans boss and taman is millers boss? umm... yeah.... i'm sorry but that is not gonna work..

riders willl come out strong vs winnipeg... but.. i think the bombers show you that yup firing the coaches wont make the difference..

someone mentioned lack of depth and ability to find new players.. veterans who are older (simpson,gauthier,etc) catching up... i agree and changing the coaches wont help that at all.

First I want to preface my comments by saying I can't stand Taman and was very happy when he left the Bombers (as some others have said - Taman leaving was the best thing to come from the Kelly hiring).

Having said that, there were only 2 head coaches hired and fired while Taman was GM (Daley and Berry). I'm not counting Ritchie because Bauer fired him. I'm not sure if you can count Berry as that too was Bauer's decision and Taman wanted to keep him. So the number of coaches stacked up on the Bombers payroll while Taman was there were mostly Bauer firings, not Taman's.

As well, how much of the Marshall hiring and firing is really on Taman. I thought Marshall's hiring was Miller's decision. Miller is the head of football operations and is Taman's boss. The buck stops with him IMO.

Blue Blood is correct. I think only daley and Berry were the only ones he's actually fired. not even so sure about berry as its possible berry was let go by bauer and then he brought his pal mike kelly in.

I put the riders record on their players not executing and the gm whoever he is :S is it taman? is it miller? is it a problem that it's set up like that? were the riders forced to make these moves cuz of the fans? i dunno.

weird tho.. 8 games and u fire both offensive coaches.. seems odd. maybe dyce becomes oc? i dunno.

train wreck in management it seems... not to often u fire a first year head coach after 8 games.. actually.. never reallly..

reinbold made it a season or 2 even.. kelly too.. he was a disaster.. bart andrus might have been the last one...but wasnt mathews brought into replace him and they never won another game?

i dunno. it's not the coaches.

is this like if joe mack fired lapolice.. took his job and then hodgkinson the asst vp/asst gm was our actual gm and head coaches boss? or is it.... miller is the bombers pres/ceo like jim bell? cuz im thinking its closer to the mack hodgkinson deal and thats messed up.

firing Berry? ok, offense has taken a step back, someone has to go and his play calling is usually less than....inspired.

Marshall? surprised the HC goes mid season, midseason coaching changes don't often lead to any significant turnaround but you've dropped to the bottom of the league and you want a change, ok I'll buy it

keeping Hall? what the...? As bad as the offense was the defense has been just as bad. Hall's last job didn't turn out so well either. If you stink on both sides of the ball and you're going to the trouble of canning your HC midseason you're better of cleaning house completely.

Having Miller around is a good security blanket - players that have been around for a while know his system and won't need as much time to get up to speed as someone from outside the organization. I'm guessing the coaches won't get much of a bye week next week, players better not come back too relaxed from their off week though or more heads will roll. And when they get back the bears will only have 1 preseason game left and Fantuz will be that much closer to getting cut and being free to come back.

Guys, Ken Miller isn't going to be the permanent coach. He's taking over for this season, and then Taman will have to find a replacement. There's no problem with the chain of command here.

Firing Berry had to be done. Marshall? I don't know, but it didn't look like he had any answers for the stuff like discipline problems that ultimately the HC takes the heat for. You can't lose games with so many stupid penalties without someone asking what the coach is doing about it.