Marshal Ferguson

Marshal Ferguson reminds me of Gord Miller in a good way. He has a very relaxed announcing style.


Listen to Miller on TSN's Overdrive and the guy is always constantly name dropping in his stories that he tells on air. I don't miss Miller at all, like I do with Cuthbert

Ferguson has what I find to be a very smooth style. He still gets excited at the right moments (take a hint here, Dustin) but stops short of actually yelling at the mike. He might talk faster but doesn't get much louder, something I appreciate. I also like the fact he knows the game from the inside.


I don't mind his style . Seems like a good guy . Maybe it was TSN telling him to do it .

Could have done without I am big Bills mafia fan

and the selling of TSN 's Thursday night NFL game while the CFL game was on that went on for a few minutes .

TSN Got rid of NFL name dropper in Black but we don't need to hear about being a big fan of the NFL it's the giant that needs

no introduction .

That league has a mountain of attention compared to the CFL

stick to the CFL and selling this product .


NFL telecasts no matter what network it's games are on won't mention the CFL in any shape, way or form. The only exception I heard was when Chris Collinsworth mentioned the Calgary Stampeders when Alex Singleton made a an interception on a prime time game a few years ago