Marquise - Riders vs Ti-Cats

Well 1-4 is better than 0-5... GO RIDERS GO!!

Puts us 1 game out of 4th and 2 games out of 1st!

The turkeybend2 will be stoked with a Rider victory!

Turkeybend will be planing the parade route if they win.

Hey good luck to the Green & White today but I'm hoping for the Tabbies to Win!!

Both our teams have been riding the pine on injuries this year and only one will win, hopefully it's the Cats!

Great place to watch a game though in Regina in a sea of Green Jersey's and a real standout when your wearing a Ti-Cats jersey, it's like sitting in 2000 acre green grass field with a black shirt on?

I'm looking forward to your new football stadium should be a great place to watch the Riders play.


I just saw this come up on the Google News about a potential dangerous weather storm headed for Regina and Winnipeg tomorrow Monday and across the prairies. We hope all are safe and secure in that area and if you see funnel clouds take cover in the basement.

I've been through two tornado's myself before and three earth quakes and all in other areas and countries other than my own so I know the feeling it can be pretty scary.

The weather network said they are sending reporters into the areas for tomorrow

[url=] ... here/54797[/url]

We wish all Rider, Blue Bomber fans and citizens of those areas affected well.

Medlock had the distance on the 57 yard FG, but wide left. Huge return for Dressler though.

29 yard FG - Sask. lead 3-0

Brackenridge is so overrated. He got caught looking for a big hit over the middle and when Collins turned it up, he was in no position to do what a safety is supposed to the last line of defence.

Sorry t brack. Seen enough. You’ve been amazing for 3 years, but this year you’re terrible. I’m cutting you.

He's a big hitter but that's it. He's terrible in coverage.

Oh oh...I guess he's not even a good hitter anymore.

7-3 Hamilton, end of first quarter.

The first Hog Wash statement of the thread :thdn:

So you think he's been good this year? To me big hits make the hi-light reels. He had every opportunity to wrap as he was making the hit, similar to what Stewart of the Ti-Cats did on the first Riders drive of the game.

brackenridge again! Make a goddamn tackle!

Good football play none the less AngeloV.

Smart smart play by dressler to avoid the big loss.

... Aaaand yet another drive stalls before the endzone.

Another FG by Paul - 10-6 Cats