Marquee player designation

It might be time to bring back the marquee player designation . This would allow for one player to be excluded from the salary cap .

The boost of Doug Flutie revitalized the league . Raghib Ismail brought some spark temporarily to the Argos .

It could also hurt the balance and cause some organizations to spend unwisely .

Just throwing out the debate on it's valid points for adding it and the negative aspects to it''s addition .

Just raise the salary cap, exempt the QB position from the ratio rules and let the teams govern themselves

Since the CFL put in a hard cap, millions apon millions of dollars have flowed to coaches, management and executuves. The Bombers for instance give all if their executives huge bonuses and free cars.
The Treasurer for the Riders makes more money than Kevin Glen!!
The marque player will never come back. Not because teams cant afford it, but because the money for the player will come directly out of managements pocket.

Some great points brought up in this thread. A marquee player or exempting QBs from the cap would do wonders for interest in the league in its larger markets (especially Toronto).

If what your saying is in fact true, that is absolutely disgusting. Fans pay their money to watch the players on the field not the freakin treasurer.

Then again, it might not.

The Bombers don't give away cars. Dealerships and manufacturer sponsors provide those. Has been that way for years. And since when does a football team call their CFO a treasurer? Lol.

Did you just wake up from a 20yr nap and now want to shout at a world that has changed? Because your references to how you imagine things work - are dead wrong.

Stupid idea. That is a net increase on the payroll. If that isn't enough it would go into the pockets of the player who is already disproportionately overpaid compared to his teammates.

and besides, there are no more doug fluties out there

There's no need to increase salaries any higher than the negotiated $50k per season over the next few seasons. There are likely a couple teams which barely break-even or even lose money, so we don't want to add to their burden with unnecessary salary increases. Where else will these marquee "superstars" sign but the CFL, the arena league? (...or will we start competing with the NFL to sign their free agents?)

The franchise player does have it's detractors; one being it allows a club to go beyond the cap and spend beyond it's means which could happen .

It may also stop a star CFL player from looking south to the NFL especially at the skilled position of QB .

It may also create some buzz if it lands a player coming out of college or a NFL player that had some talent like Tim Tebow but needed a little green to persuade him north.

There is the edge guys but under the current cap we are unable to pick up a Flutie today .

You can thank Murray Pezim the owner of the BC Lions who knew nothing about
Football to get Flutie . Pezim who regarded himself the greatest promoter created a CFL icon .

Fluite's first season in BC Doug threw more interceptions than touchdowns and had a 52 percent completion rate . Doug learned the game and the CFL was richer for it creating a CFL legend .

80% said ney. I would be surprised if that has changed.

Good find Depop . The same arguments 4 years later . The same reason you started the poll is the same reason I started the thread . It was another thread that got me interested in the debate .

Doug is the main pro reason for and possible bankruptcy and disparity in the league as the main reason against .

Don't know if I would have wanted to miss the Flutie years he was the Gretzky of the CFL . Glad I was able to enjoy his talent and have it ratified when he played for the Bills .

As I said good reason for it and many valid reasons against .

Completely different era. Comparing an era where you could grab the top NFL draft pick for a million bucks to today NFL salaries is stupid, those days are long gone. I don't want to pay more for a ticket to pay out of work NFL "props". Like Kapernickelor Tebow.

Not a fan of Kapernick or Manziel but Tebow is a different story . Tebow was given the bums rush . Would have loved to see a man of good character and talent come to the CFL.

Even though I am not a Kapernick fan I think the Als could use him .

If the league went after Aaron Rodgers or Drew Bree's yes it bankrupts the league or in Ferragamo's case it puts one team on life support .

I see it as a franchise player designation with a cap on it let's say $200,000 over the minimum NFL salary at the time let's say $500,000 because it increases every year .

So if the league's salary cap is 5,150,000 million for example it brings it up to 5,850,000 with a whole 5 .15 million towards the overall team .

I don't think it jeopardizes the league as it is today with those type of figures .

Tebow struggled hitting the flats on an NFL field. Can't imagine him on a CFL field.

So you want to give some sort of exemption to what amounts to a 4th+ round daft QB? A first rounder is not signing for that. A first round player is going for 9 mil 32nd overall...and that is not saying QB...that is any player. 800k contracts really don't kick in until the 4th round.

The big exemption brought a huge crowd to that first argos game with was a big deal. It looked like it worked. Next game, not so much. The crowds dissipated. What makes bringing in a 4th, heck let's say a 3rd rounder now feel like it would work? Just seems like a way to need to jack up ticket prices, rub players wrong, and put teams that are making money on the hook for it again.

A marquee player designation, in my opinion is a bad idea. The quarterback will almost always be that player, basically like they are now. I look at the MLS economic model and still can't figure out how the top 20 players in the league can make almost half the league salaries, and when I look at a franchise like Toronto FC, without MLSE they are done. The economics don't work long term. The CFL has done it correctly controlling the biggest expense without comprimising the talent level.

Well said Hf, I'm totally on that page. This sort of stuff would be a regression for the league IMHO. Makes no sense to even sign Tom Brady at a high price if he couldn't adjust to the CFL field and rules.

But are we not already there with Zach Collaros making about $ 500,000 and other QB's around the league making significant higher wage than everyone else on their respective teams . Again; I am not talking about signing Brady , Brees, Rodgers or any other star to 15,000,000 million a year .

Designate a hard cap on a franchise player of about $700,000 that floats with the NFL minimum that does not interfere with the main cap . This players salary does not hurt the team's cap and actually allows for a bump in salary team wise as the cap increases with the removal of the franchise players salary .

Resentment is removed when your salary is not effected come negotiation time .

You also have the ability to grab a player that is in-between once in awhile that comes around that is a game changer like a Flutie . These players are edge players
that can be rescued and salvaged while they still have that spark unlike what we are doing with some players and getting them when they are well past there expiry date like Vince Young and Troy Smith as the salary compensation makes the CFL as the last optionright now instead of a valid option earlier in their careers . There ability to adjust to the CFL game diminishes with time and lack of playing with competition stagnates the quick reflex/reads necessary to play the game at a pro level .