Marquee Matchup: The battle for the final spot

TORONTO — Heading into Week 19, one playoff spot remains.

The third post-season spot in the West Division is the Roughriders or Stampeders for the taking. Saskatchewan sits in third now with a 6-10 record. Calgary is right behind them at 4-11.

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um not really a way more crucial game in Hamilton tonight. For both teams. Lets go Tabbies

If I read your post right I both agree and disagree with you.

Although I don’t see the word crucial anywhere in the article, clearly the game with the most meaning is the Sask/Calgary game. There is one playoff spot left and that game will probably determine who gets that spot. If Calgary loses they are out. If they win they aren’t in but do control their own destiny. Their last two games are against BC and the Bombers and winning one or both isn’t an impossibility isn’t an considering their opposition in both of those games may have nothing to play for and be in full pre season mode.

The BC/Hamilton tilt isn’t without meaning, or is it? The only potential meaning or importance of that game is for seeding. You can ask the players in the other game tonight whether it is more crucial to make the playoffs than it is to be seeded higher and of course 100% would say making the playoffs is more crucial. The BC/Hamilton game will probably turn out to have no meaning as neither team controls their own destiny. Therefore whoever wins will likely still finish 2nd (BC) or 3rd (Hamilton) in their respective divisions. That doesn’t mean they won’t be trying to win and certainly being on a roll going into the playoffs is the goal, but it unlikely that a win in tonight’s game will improve the seeding for either team.

The CFL simulator gives Winnipeg a 99.6% chance of finishing first in the West and Montreal an 84.96% chance of finishing second in the East. Even if you don’t accept the CFL simulator as being gospel the odds for BC or Hamilton improving their seeding are very long. The chances of Calgary or Saskatchewan making the playoffs are 100%, making their game much more important or crucial.

Where I agree with you is that on paper at least the best game of the weekend is the first one between BC and Hamilton. It is the game featuring the two best combined teams who are both guaranteed to make the playoffs. That would fit the definition of “marquee”. It is the one I am most looking forward to. The last three games of the weekend all contain one team that won’t make the playoffs and should BC win tonight both of the games tomorrow will be full pre season games as Montreal will have nothing to play for.

You can’t of course fault the schedule makers for scheduling two possibly meaningless games tomorrow, but if you only have time to watch CFL football one day this weekend I would say that your best bet is tonight.