Marquee Matchup: Mack, Schoen battle for receiver supremacy

WINNIPEG — The Montreal Alouettes don’t known what means to lose a game since dropping their Week 6 contest to the Toronto Argonauts, same week the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have tasted defeat for the last time, against the Ottawa REDBLACKS.

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Could be back to back 1st year players leading the league at WR.
You have to like the young talent there, hopefully they can stick around.

Was surprised to read Mont has won 7 out of their last 8 on the road, best in 20 years. Also surprised a few didn’t pick them as an upset, they are fully capable of pulling it off - even with the 1 day difference.

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I’m surprised to see that Montreal has the leading receiver in the CFL despite having SIX receivers on their 6-Game IR:

  • Keshunn Abram
  • Quartney Davis
  • Greg Ellingson
  • Jake Harty
  • Kaion Julien-Grant
  • Reggie White Jr

and FOUR offensive linemen on the shelf as well:

  • Patrick Davis (1-Game IR)
  • David Brown
  • Philippe Gagnon
  • Sean Jamieson

If als get healthy things could get very scary for the rest of the league.

But also tonight will be a statement on mtl.

They beat Winnipeg and we are with the big boys we lose and we are a second tier team.

Knowing how well we did against Winnipeg in the last few outing and Winnipeg having a question mark at qb while we don’t really since Caleb been incredible I can see mtl barely beating the bombers.

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That banged up Al’s offense is only going to get better. IMHO if they get everyone off the IR in time for the playoffs the hardware is theirs.

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Glad to see at least 1 Montreal fan is pumped about their team.
But I disagree with the thought that if you lose tonight you are clearly a 2nd tier team. I think all you have to do is beat 1 of WPG/BC/Tor and you can claim to be right with those teams. Beat BC, and you’re now 3rd in the power rankings!

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I mean, realistically, we are not in Winnipeg or Toronto’s class. To be the man, you gotta beat the man. But the 2023 season was never about establishing ourselves as a top team. It was about recovering from the disaster of the ownership mess in the offseason and building something solid with a big turnover in personnel and a new head coach. Which we have done.

All the media pundits had us finishing last in the division and the league and we have defied those predictions in a big way. We’re a young team without an elite QB (no Collaros). This year, I think we’re a .500 team, but we’ve got lots of room to grow in year 1 of the Peladeau era.

I don’t expect a win tonight, but I’ll be delighted if we can pull one off. Go Als go!


I agree that Montreal is a pleasant surprise given their off season challenges. Whether they can beat the top 3 or not everyone is talking about them as being clearly the 4th best team with a rise possible. Very telling that they have a good team to me was that they won twice without Fajardo. I’m not big on Evans however and he had as bad a half as I have seen any QB have this year in the first half last week. That would have ensured a loss against a better team and almost did anyway.