Marquay McDaniel

Of the four incompletions given to him on the stats sheet, one hit the turf before it got to him, one was about ten feet over his head, meant for Bruce (who couldn't get to it due to a missed PI penalty), and one was thrown about ten feet to the left of him and only by laying flat out was he even able to get his fingertips on it. But yes, there was the one off his chest and the fumble - probably not a good way to impress your coaches in your first real game.

I noted in my practice notes on my blog today that Bakari was playing wide out with the first team offense, it seems like he might get a shot this week instead of Williams, but the week is young, I don't even think the coaches know who is going to be the starter at wide out on Saturday, to many guys to choose from

but as of right now, it APPEARS to be Bakari