Marquay McDaniel

Anybody else think that McDaniel is getting a raw deal? He came through for us repeatedly on key 2nd down situations over the last couple of years. This guy is a solid 1000 yard receiver and being only in his 3rd year has even more potential. Sure he dropped the odd pass here or there but so has Bruce, Stala, and all the rest. I seems to me that Marcel seems to favour certain players and give them tremendous leeway when it comes to blunders or poor play, such as Glenn, Porter and Bruce. While from others he expects utter perfection and if not they are thrown under the bus, like McDaniel, Setta, Cobb, etc.
So with McDaniel not in how much better off are we so far? :roll:


At least not yet. Once the offense starts clicking , then we'll be better able to judge, but from reports in camp, and watching what Williams, Grant and Kelly can do coupled with McDaniel's past performance, I'd agree with the team's choices so far.

Cobb couldn't get it done last year, and he wasn't thrown under the bus, we stuck with him the entire season and then we picked up a better back in the off-season, better is better

I don't think Bellefeuille favours Glenn, example: game 1, he definitely favours Porter over Glenn

McDaniel is a good receiver no doubt, but he dropped to many balls for the coaches liking clearly, we also brought in some great rookies at receiver who just had a better camp than McDaniel

Also McDaniel is a slot, not a wide out, when Mann moved to slot I think that is where McDaniel lost his job because they wanted to go with a big guy at wide out (until we put in Chris Williams? strange move IMO)

Also with Thigpen moving out to slot, McDaniel was just the odd man out, I don't think he would have made much of a difference in week 1 or 2

I wasn't sure if Cobourne was going to be able to do any better than Cobb here, based on our O-line's inability to open up holes. From what I have seen of Cobourne so far this year (and that's pretty limited, unfortunately), he is an improvement over Cobb. He's able to squeeze through the small holes that the line does open up, and he'll lower his shoulder and drive forward for the extra yard or two, something Cobb very seldom seemed to be willing to do. But our O-line still has problems. A perfect example from Saturday's game was misway through the 3rd quarter. The whole line pulled to the right and led Cobourne on an end run. But they all seemed to forget what the were supposed to be doing, and three Edmonton defenders just slipped right through them untouched and tackled Cobourne. Guys? You're supposed to block them. Got it?

And when are they going to start using Thigpen? Did they only draw up one or two plays for him? Could they not just throw him in in place of one of the other receivers in one of their standard plays? He doesn't have to be the primary receiver every time he's on the field. in fact, probably better if he isn't.

As for McDaniel, I think he is a good inside receiver, but we have enough of those. In fact, if they move Bruce back inside, they'll have even more of a problem there. Could McDaniel compete at wide out? Maybe, but the three you mentioned (Kelly, Grant, and Williams) all had better camps.

Or maybe he really is injured.

I do think he is getting a bit of a raw deal, but more than that I just want to see him in there to see if he can contribute. I know he did have some issues last year, but he wasn't the only one and I really think he can help us out. I didn't see anything in Kelly or Williams to say that they should be in there over Marquay and I will admit that Grant had a great game, but we only saw him in pre-season.

No too many Drops last year he should have been cut..

How many drops is too many? And how many of McDaniel's 36 incompletions last year would you consider to be "drops"? Versus the number of Mann's 31incompletions, or Bruce's 51 incompletions? I know not all incompletions are the QB's fault, just as not all are the receiver's fault. So how many of these incompletions were the receivers' fault?

I just don't remember McDaniel dropping any more than Mann or Bruce. But I could very easily be wrong.

Just for comparison, here are the stats for our top four receivers last year:

  • McDaniel - 57 completions, 36 incompletions - 61% completion rate
  • Bruce - 90 completions, 51 incompletions - 64% completion rate
  • Stala - 82 completions, 16 incompletions - 84% completion rate
  • Mann - 55 completions, 31 incompletions - 64% completion rate

Unfortunately, without going through last year's play-by-play for every game, I don't know how many "drops" each receiver had.

No way he should have been cut. He wasn't the only one who had issues and some of those drops were awful and heartbreaking, but on some of them he took wicked hits. He also took some big hits and held on to the ball. He was his own worst critic and for the most part he came back strong after making a mistake. I think he should get another shot because we cant' be any worse than we are now with him in there.

Looks like McDaniel and B. Grant are taking reps in practice:

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That pretty much equates to playing this week.

As much as I don't have a problem with coaches' decisions when it comes to receivers, I still believe McDaniel is an asset, and it's nice to have this kind of depth and ability to go to another guy when the situation calls for it.

To add to that, he has 2 seasons under his belt, and in the CFL, experience counts for a LOT.

McDaniel was returning punts today with Thiggy and playing with the first team offense, I think he has made it back onto the active roster

Marquay took Bruce's spot with the first tam offense,Bruce did not practice today

I think if we released him that he would get signed by somebody else in a hurry and would come back to burn us.

Id rather see Grant get a shot.

Yeah, that is interesting why they haven't used Bakari yet, considering he had those two phenomenal catches against Montreal. I think he's looked better than Kelly so far. His height might also help with Glenn's high overthrow passes.

8) I don't know about fact that he would come back to burn us, but he sure would be picked up by some one if we simply
  released him !!!

Why is Chris Williams not used more? I am new to this forum and not that familiar with the team. My son was on
the same HS team with Chris and I followed his career at NMSU, where he was a 3rd team all-american. He runs a legit 4.2 40 and has good hands. Even if he is not familiar with the offense, shouldnt he be returning punts and kickoffs?

I dont mean thiss question as a criticism of the coaches, I just would like some info. Thank you.

He saw more action this week, dropped alot of footballs and fumbled once.

wouldn't really say he dropped a lot but he did have 2 or 3 and a fumble

On punt and kickoff returns, they have been using another player, Marcus Thigpen, who last year set a league record by scoring five touchdowns in five different ways, including at least four on returns. He and Williams scored a touchdown each in pre-season this year, so it's hard to say which one is better; they are very similar - same height, same speed, same elusiveness in the open field. In the game this past weekend, they had the two of them back on kickoffs, but Thigpen ended up taking the return every time.

The team stated before the season started that they want to get Thigpen more involved in the offence. I think this past weekend, they actually threw the ball to Williams more than to Thigpen, so who knows what they're really thinking. Unfortunately, Williams had one bounce off his chest (it was the fourth play in a row that went to him, the first three being successful), and then late in the game he had the ball knocked out of his hands a couple of seconds after he caught it on a very nice play by the defence. I'm hoping that those two mistakes don't cause the team to lose faith in him. To me, he looks like he has a lot of potential.

It seems that the team is putting a lot of emphasis on height this year for the outside receivers, and they are overloaded on inside receivers; our #1 receiver moved outside this year, which is rather puzzling to us fans. So William's height is probably the one thing holding him off the team at this point. That, and the fact that they already have a player exactly like him on the team.

And of course, there's the fact that he's an import, and typically at least one receiver ends up being a non-import, meaning one less spot to compete for.

But I wouldn't be surprised if he gets back on the field at some point this year. From what I saw, I thought he played quite well.