marquay Mcdaniel

do you guys notice that Mcdaniel doesn't go straight forward when he is returning punts he bounces around? he should go straight forward what do you fans think?

The team needs to set up the blocks before McDaniel can be effective.

He'd still get better yardage if he ran when he first got the ball.

If anyone needs to go straight forward instead of dancing, it's Rodriguez. Other then that, McDaniel needs blocking before he'll become an impact returnman.


This kid has got Bruce-like hands. He should be a starting receiver. They are wasting his talents putting him back there to return kicks, because he has zero blocking and gets hammered every time.

Tre Smith should be returning punts.

While we’re at it…Prechae has to stop the “Cha Cha” every single time he catches a ball. He’s LOSING yards on almost every catch, trying to get to pretty.

Just RUN!

McDaniel needs to pick his lane and go for it. That's how the best kick returners do it.

He dances and stops way too much.

Prechae also dances too much but we are using him wrong. We need him to stretch the field. Whenever he catches a ball, it's for 6 yards and he's dancing to try to make a big play. I want him just to go forward but he's not a possesion receiver. He's our deep threat.

I think he's a terrible returner.