marquay mcdaniel - trading him away?

Ive been reading a lot about the team trading McDaniel.. Vancouver Province musing about the possibility of him going there for either mccallum or white (field goal kicker) Edmonton media talking about a one up trade for tristan jackson... their punt return specialist...

I know marquay is in last year of his current contract with us -- I hope we can keep him and trust OB knows (and cares) how the fans feel about Marquay..

thoughts anyone?

I think McDaniel is a great receiver, but I hope Obie does whatever it takes to get us into the Grey Cup. Maybe the thinking is, trade McDaniel for another piece of the puzzle because Mann deserves more balls thrown his way?

McDaniel is expendable IMO, I say we trade him and sign Kelly Campbell and give Mann more passes.

The news reports that the Cats are interested in Paul Mccallum and are thinking of trading Mcdaniel.
While Mccallum is a good kicker he's also 41 years old and we already have Deangelis.
I hope this is just a rumor because that would be a bonehead trade that doesen't make sense.

Obie is there to be the GM and do that job to the best of his ability.

He definitely should not base his decisions about who he trades, releases or signs based on how some fans on this board feel or what they may think he should do.

If he decides to trade McDaniel or anyone else, it will be because he thinks it's in the best interest of the team. That's good enough for me.

I don't think it's a good idea to sign a receiver that was rumoured to have been a problem in the locker room with the Eskimos and combine him with a guy who tweeted his displeasure about not getting enough footballs thrown his way last season. Not to mention when we already have a guy like Arland Bruce who needs his share of touches.

You can’t be serious. I’d take McDaniel over Mann any day. McDaniel was a few yards shy of 1000. If they trade McDaniel they BETTER get more than they got for Thompson that’s for sure.

Golly Steve..... whats the point of having bulletin boards if fans cant comment on management decisions or lack of same BBy your logic the toronto maple leafs are the best run organization in the world and why/ because management exists and makes decisions...

part of the process of being a fan is discussion....contraversary and debate...

I'm getting nervous so far I see some pretty good ball players leaving without seeing who's coming in. Mcdaniel sure make's me wonder who come's in for him. I'm seeing the other team's picking up our releases very quickly. I'm all for Obie making trades, but good trades.:oops: :oops:

Tillman has had his way with us in trades in the past. PainfUl memories. I know that was another era with another GM. But I can't quite recall whether Obie has made trades with Tillman since joining the Ticats - as that period has largely coincided with Tillman's period of exile. Anyone remember?

Totally agree! McDaniels was above Mann in every stat also!

Hope this in not going to be like the Maple Laughs trade your good players to draft picks and want a bee's!
This team will and CAN win the Grey Cup in 2011!

remember another guy who was rumoured to be a locker room destroyer and the sure death of everything Obie had built for the team?Arland Bruce.Boy were you all correct on that one.Rumours baby rumours.Show me an article that says Campbell slapped or punched a team mate, show me one where it says he was a constant problem other than his dropsies.He's a very talented receiver that had an off football season.It happens.Trade McDaniel for some other area of need, sign Campbell and hope that he returns to '08 Cambell or just throw some more to Mo Mann.

I don't care what Campbell has or hasn't done in the locker room, McDaniel should not be traded to make room for him. Not only is McDaniel reliable, but he does his job and keeps his mouth shut and he is ABSOLUTELY the kind of guy we need on this team. When we traded Thompson for Mann many people thought it was a good trade because we had depth in the secondary. Big joke. We got so fleeced in that trade and I really don't want to see that happen again.

Here are the key dates of the recent GM tenures. I'll leave it to someone else to fill in the transactions for the timespans of interest:

Rob Katz promoted to Ticats interim General Manager

[url=] ... icats.html[/url]

Riders announce Eric Tillman as General Manager (note the unfortunate headline)

[url=] ... 2b112fd4e4[/url]

Ticats announce Marcel Desjardins as General Manager

[url=] ... icats.html[/url]

"Katz made one last move Monday, trading defensive lineman Adriano Belli to Montreal for defensive lineman Clinton Wayne and defensive back Phillip Gauthier."

[period of infamy begins]

[period of infamy ends]
Ticats announce Bob O'Billovich as General Manager

[first period of Tillman/O'Billovich overlap begins]

[first period of Tillman/O'Billovich overlap supposedly ends??? (see below re: Tillman's role while on leave]
National post reports Tillman charged

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

"Tillman remains GM, but is on leave with pay"

[first period of Tillman/O'Billovich overlap DEFINITELY ends]
Tillman officially resigns as Riders GM

[url=] ... 00108.html[/url]

"He had been on paid administrative leave from the CFL club since he was charged last February. However, he worked behind the scenes from his home throughout the season."

Esks announce Tillman as General Manager

[url=] ... al-manager[/url]

[second period of Tillman/O'Billovich overlap begins]

McDaniel has some serious value, and it's not a matter of moving one for another.For example, what if we traded for say Keyou Craver and a neg. lister, or McDaniel for Sean Whyte and DeAngelis finally left?Then we sign Kelly Campbell, and he does the same, if not better than McDaniel and we've filled a big need for the team.It's a scenario that makes sense and one that Obie is probably thoroughly considering.

I'm a McDaniel supporter, has solid hands and he's a tough runner. Could just as well been a 1,000 yard reciever and you never heard one complaint come out of him when the ball wasn't going his way. He's likely much more cheaper than a guy like Kelly Campbell at this point in time as well. McDaniel is also 4 years younger than Campbell, and we need some youth in our group of receivers with Bruce and Stala not getting any younger.

Exactly. Well said.

Kelly Campbell's a better overall receiver, he can do what McDaniel does and then some.That's why he's more pricey.And in the CFL, you don't normally get guys staying with a club for 10+ years so it's not like Campbell's age makes all that much of a difference.If you can get 2+ years out of a player in the CFL, it's a win.We could get a better player in the secondary or a better kicker for McDaniel and sign a better WR in Kelly Campbell.What's not to like?

Maybe you're recalling MM in 2009 because that certainly did not describe him last year. He left a lot of rec. yards out on the field and killed more than a couple drives with drops last year.

Hopefully could just be a slump, but maybe not. In the meantime he's not untouchable for trades. imo.

And you're basing this opinion on what?

Name Year Team No. Yards Avg Long TD
CAMPBELL, K 2008 EDM 54 1,223 22.6 53 7
CAMPBELL, K 2010 EDM 63 801 12.7 46 1

Name Year Team No. Yards Avg Long TD
MCDANIEL, M 2009 HAM 57 688 12.1 41 3
MCDANIEL, M 2010 HAM 76 994 13.1 37 7

Maybe in 2008 he was, but 2010 doesn't look like he was "could do what McDaniel does and then some". I'll take McDaniel's almost 1000 yards and 7 TDs over Campbell's 801 and 1 TD.