Marquay McDaniel coming to Hamilton??

Noticed a interesting Tweet by Marquay McDaniel about looking for a place in the Hamilton area?? If I read between the lines could that mean........hmmm that would be interesting in a June Jones offence.

When Toliver comes back and we pick him up that strengthens this receiver group alot.

Add a Mark Chapman soon and I will be happier then a pig in xxit!! Lol

This is from 4 weeks ago

Maybe he is going to become a position Coach at MAC

He doesn't want to coach I'm thinking and wants to play again after all. Calgary never gave him that opportunity so hes deciding on Hamilton. I wouldnt mind that in a 5 receiver setup for Hamilton and 1 running back.

The article states: " I have no desire to train or come back or anything.?
When you are 34 and gone through year after year of NCAA then CFL training camps and the hitting and trying to stay in shape, I can understand the desire is not there anymore.