Marquay...a diamond in the rough!

Congrats to Marquay McDaniel on being selected as rookie of the year. I believe we have found us a long time Ti-Cat with a great future ahead of him. I really liked this guy from the get go. With great hands, a willingness to catch in traffic and take a hit, makes him a great find. When he comes back next year he's going to be that much better. :cowboy:
Go get em in the Peg, Marquay! :cowboy:

To me this would've been an award that you could give to quite a few rookies on our team without complaint. My top rookies:
Marquay McDaniel
Khari Long
Justin Hickman
Deandra Cobb
Dylan Barker
Garrett McIntyre

Any of these guys are definitely top rookies,
gratz to McDaniel keep up the good work :cowboy:

Dylan Barker is a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

He's also not a rookie.

Marquay McDaniel has been fantastic, especially considering he missed a few games by not starting as a starter on offense. His all-purpose yardage should give him a chance.

How's Barker a stretch? You obviously don't mean because he's a rookie. so special teams don't matter in your mind or what?

McDaniel is becoming magic and will be pure magic in the near future. But yes, just one of some great newbies on this team no question. :thup:

Gotta love MacDaniel. Too bad Marcel cost us a victory or 2 cutting Chris Davis to start Drisan James.

Many people keep mentioning Cobb for best rookie. He is not classified as a rookie because he has played in NFL regular season games. So that means he is not eligible for a rookie award.

Also.. the guy is 28. Certainly not anywhere near rookie age. Not that being a rookie is based on age but I can never remember any rookie in any sport that was in his late 20's.

Sergei Makarov won NHL rookie of the year at 32 I believe.

Okay, I guess that means he wasn't in his late 20s. 8)

I consider barker a stretch because special teams is not as valuable as being a full time starter -- even though he has done great things on special teams. He's been learning the game at safety the past couple games, and I've been very happy (especially last game) with his development.

Having said that: Hickman, Long, and McDaniel have been fantastic starters. That's why I think Barker is kind of a nothing pick in that category.

Special teams, though, he should definitely warrant some attention.

Chris Weinke won the Heisman at 27/28 and then went to the NFL as a late 20s rookie.

I know Jackie Robinson won MLB ROY when he was 28, and a Japanese pitcher won a few years back at 30 years old

Really? What has Chris Davis done since being released to prove that he would've made the difference in a couple of games. He's been on Calgary's PR even with all their WR injuries.

Davis was brutally inconsistent. 1 game he's nonimanted MVP, the next 3 he has like 2 catches and 15 drops. Just can't have that. James has shaped up and is a pretty good receiver, McDaniel is becoming a beast out there.

Hopefully Hamilton actually keeps Marquay and all of their young players! :expressionless:

How could I have forgotten about Vince Papale?

From his wiki entry:
"Papale, at 6-feet 2-inches (1.88 m) and 195 pounds (88.5 kg), eventually made the team, thereby becoming, at age 30, the oldest rookie in the history of the NFL to play without the benefit of college football experience (other than kickers). He went on to play wide receiver and special teams for the Eagles from 1976 through 1978."

Anyway.. my point is that it's very very rare. Non-drafted free agents have a much better chance of making a team than a guy around 28-32. Shows you how much Cobb still loves the game. He got his chance in week 2 and never looked back. Many guys with short NFL careers become bitter toward the pro game because they feel they were never given a shot.

Soon though we will start seeing more guys in their late 20's with NFL experience coming up to Canada because of the big 5th year player salary minimum. I think it's just under 1 million. The Cats actually signed a 5th year NFL cut from the Dolphins earlier in the season named Pope but he was cut about 3 weeks later. When an NFL team has a rookie that can do as good or better a job at a backup/st role it's goodbye 5th year guy that they would have to pay about 3 times as much. For that very reason no other teams touch them either. I know it's good for the player to have a high minimum for 5 year vets but not when it costs them their job.

End rant..

Gotta love this guy. He's done everything asked of him. I can see him winning the rookie of the year award. He gets open and makes the clutch catches. :cowboy:

Gotta love MacDaniel. Too bad Marcel cost us a victory or 2 cutting Chris Davis to start Drisan James
Absolutely the WORST excuse for ANALYSIS I have read since those posts discussing how Kevin Glenn is not a starting caliber QB.

Suffice it to say that Drisan James will CONTINUE to play a SIGNIFICANT role in the Ticats plans for some time.


This guy is a beast. He quietly and effectively does his job. I really like his work ethic and he has developed into a very reliable receiver.

Gotta be rookie of the year in the east at least. :cowboy: