Marlon's Pickem Pool Last Week

This is the last week to get into this pool deadline is June 17!

Good Luck

This is a failure. They started it, like what, three months ago and they're still 3 participants...

[quote="Third_And_Ten"][color=darkred]This is a failure. They started it, like what, three months ago and theyNo I don't think it's a failure!
We started 5 weeks ago and we have 43 participants!
If you looked at the players picks page it says "All Picks will be posted after the June 17th deadline" The three people you see on the players pick page are test pages, I think they only show the first 5 weeks!
We had over 500 hits to the web page and must have had 150 emails in the last 5 weeks too, people just asking questions about the pool.
We don't have a clue what the numbers might end up, but most of the people will make their picks this week!
Any questions drop a line to

I just want to interject to remind those who are on this pool that their picks will not be entered in the VGCC unless they post them there as well.

The pool is over and the top 3 are
Garth W
Garth L
Jordon K

To see how you finshed check out the web site

We will have a new name and a new web address for next season!
If you have any questions or suggestions for the 2006 CFL Pool
Drop a email to

Thanks again see you all next year!!!

Sounds like a money scam to me.
Is anything ever free in Saskabush anymore?