Marking the CFL and the Tiger-cats

The NFL Has it Madden Game
The Area League has it Game...

The Board of Governors and next Commissioner
Must look at Giving the CFL It Own Video Game.

Today's Young Football Fan Know John Madden
as the Name on it XBox and PC NFL Video games not as a Great NFL Coach or NFL Colour Man.

Every year the CFL Dose not open this market
is Another Year we lose Fans to the NFL(NO FUN LEAGUE)

Being able to Coach your Favorite NFL or Take Control
of Mike Vick is okay

I love to Coach Our Ticats in online game.
Yes the are Madden Conversions but these are only
Graphical Conversions.
They Don't Carry the CFL
Unique Rules Field and 12 Players.

Image Taking Control of DJ Flick or a Correy Holmes.
Marketing to today Video Game Youth will only Help the CFL Grow.

I know this been post 100 Times before but needs to be address soon.

Bob I am sure know Someone who Make this game
The league is missing out on great Marketing Opportunity

Just hope they are buying Madden football tons and if they are not, then football, period, is in trouble.
I know a lot of people don't agree with me but if it weren't for the NFL, the CFL wouldn't be as big as it is IMO.

dont agree…if it weren’t for the NFL, the CFL would be ALOT bigger

Come on, you think the CFL could stand alone as the only form of gridiron football in North America and people would follow it as much as they do? No NCAA, no NFL so CFL gets no Americans, hardly, just CIS guys who while good have had little profile in their college careers. The CFL would not be as big as it is in this scenario, don't you think?

I've heard this countless times before, and I like everyone's enthusiasm.

But let's take a close look at the CFL's budget. How much would it cost to CFL-ize Madden NFL? (and it would have to be Madden NFL, anything else would be laughed at). My conservative guess: $5 million. Could cost a lot more.

If the goal is to market to today's kids, is this the best use of money? And even if the game was produced, how many people would buy it - especially if you already had the NFL version? And if you did own both the NFL version and the CFL version, how often would these kids that you're trying to market to play the CFL version?

And Madden NFL gets updated every year. There would be an expectation to update Madden CFL every year. Again, is this money well spent?

David Winter/Matrix Games Football.

Check it out.


I Have look at this
It dose not have IP to IP Play.
Also the Graphics are miles behind EA.
not worth Supporting the game is very Buggy..

The only way I can see the CFL getting any Madden action would be to align itself with the NFL in its licensing arrangement with EA Sports or whichever company concludes a subsequent deal for exclusivity rights for a NFL video game.

The concept: you want to sign CFL players in their option year in a future accord, well we want our video game rights tied to yours as part of the agreement in lieu of some of the monetary compensation we'd expect.

Which means: all subsequent deals to allow for option-year signings would be contingent upon a condition (among whatever others) that a CFL-standalone video game or packaged component would be developed in conjunction with the NFL's exclusivity rights as part of its deal.

So Madden 2012 would have a CFL-rules option or you get "Don Matthews Football 2012" brought to you by "Mr. Wright" 2 in association with Roger Goodell.

The royalties issue would be interesting to ponder. What is the market for a CFL-only video game? If the answer is small (and that seems to be the EA Sports perspective from what I gather), than the CFL's asking price on that side would be comparatively small/miniscule/non-existent for all the exposure the brand would get.

The issue for me as a fan is making the Canadian-brand of football more visible to an international audience...what that translate into moneywise is not my abacus's affair.

One thing is for sure: more visibility video game-wise would help the CFL TV and broadband package internationally. It couldn't hurt. The tradeoff in tying CFL video game development to the NFL exclusivity monopoly would be to raise the visibility of the brand thereby.

From my vantage point, I don't see the CFL getting a video game that has anything near the market saturation possibilities that would be worth it unless it leveraged a deal alongside the NFL like I'm describing.

If that doesn't fly, the maximum to expect is the current operational minimum of Maximum Football, if you get my drift.

Oski Wee Wee,

One related point: if we take the contractual worth of players who go to the NFL in their option year and compare it to the projected cost of developing a 2007-ready video game worthy of CFL fans' expectations, that would be an interesting comparison. I would guess it's more than the Maximum Football venture has in its current or dream developmental budget.

Oski Wee Wee,

Almost 2 years ago, Activision Value signed an agreement with the National Lacrosse League to make a console game.


I don't know if the game was ever made, however.

Kids wouldn't play CFL games! Maybe 30 years ago when the league was on the same level as the NFL but not now. Kids would rather watch NFL football on TV than see a CFL game live. We do have to get the younger generation involved with the game somehow but I don't think spending 5MM on a video game to do so especially when you have to update it every year. Maybe the CFL needs to do fantasy football like the NFL?

IMO a lost cause thinking that a video game is the best way for the CFL to market to kids. And yes, I understand how popular video games are.

The same kids that consider the CFL second-rate, and therefore not worth following, are automatically going to consider a CFL game, even in the unlikely event that it is an equal-quality game, to be second-rate. And if the game quality, real or percieved, is even a bit lower than a Madden game, it will only lower the reputation of the CFL among kids and gamers.

Kids generally aren't much into nuance or don't care about objective measures of quality - most of them are naturally drawn to the loudest, flashiest, biggest, baddest spectacle they can find. Trying to convince them that the CFL is BETTER, or even as good as, the NFL is like trying to convince them that Mozart is better than Slipknot - a complete waste of time.

The CFL is a niche product, and you can't market a niche product by matching the 800-pound gorrila in the market blow for blow. You have to find something different about what you have to offer, and make sure you do that extremely well. IMO, the greatest asset that the CFL has to offer kids and new fans is the live event. Think about the really great games that most longer-time fans remember and still talk about, and how it felt to be there - kids more than anyone love that kind of rush. Most Canadian kids don't get to travel to NFL games, so the live professional football experience is something the CFL can offer uniquely until they are old enough to travel on their own.

You still have to be smart and work hard to get the kids out to games, and work even harder to create an experience that will make an impact, and that ain't necessarily easy, but if it's your major asset it's worth the effort. Once you get them hooked on the live experience, they'll start to appreciate the nuances, they will likely become fans and it's much easier to get them to watch the tv games, buy the gear, etc. Grumpy older fans can probably help the cause by not whining so much about things like between-play music, t-shirt/hotdog cannons and hiphop halftime shows - yeah, you're there for the game, but a lot of fans don't yet know and love the game like you do, so that other stuff is for them.

Section8, that has got to be the MOST stereotypical thing I have EVER read. If a kid enjoys NFL football (whether it be Madden or TV), they'll be interested in the other games as well. When the Arena Football came out, my friends, even the ones that don't like football, swarmed the game, everyone bought it (including myself). It was new and interesting. So, if they put a CFL game on the market, I think it'd do well among the younger generation. A lot of kids I know prefer the CFL as they respect that the players play, to play. That's how I feel, they play for the love of the game, and thus kids respect that more. Honestly, you have to give us more credit then that. If you like football, you like all football, whether it be the CFL, NFL, or AFL. I feel a CFL football game would make some good dough.

'I feel a CFL football game would make some good dough.

Am I permitted to suggest that such a game would set a world speed record for being the quickest to the 2/$5.00 bin?