Marketing vs. Reality

None of us really knows what the management expected out of this year (or last year for that matter).

We do know that until they hit some glitches this year that the marketing gang Bob hired at the beginning did a fantastic job of selling the team.

Now my question is, “Did they do too good a job?”

Marketers market- that’s what they do. Everything is new and improved and better and awesome. Sometimes, however, it’s better to manage expectations.

Now I know that you can’t run an ad campaign on - “Boy, will we stink this year,” but perhaps an honest, “Renovations take time but we’ll be adding some extras to make it worth your while,” might have been a better approach for this year.

What next year’s slogan will be is a little too awful to contemplate.

Well the funny thing about sports is that you really don't know what you have until the season starts. Unlike a tangible product there is always some level of unpredictability. And that is what makes sports so interesting.

Look at the NFL season so far. You would be hard pressed to find someone who would have predicted the good start by Green Bay or the bad start like New Orleans.

I give this team's management credit for continuing to find ways to promote the team week after week, despite the awful on-field product. Eventually it will improve to where the marketing matches the play. Too bad its taking so long though.

Next year, Mark, maybe the Tiger Cats front office should

put a Box of Chocolates in the season ticket package

and let that be all the marketing that they do.

Maybe Bob should ask the marketing guys to not do such a good job, their showing up the on field product. :lol:

Oh well, if we are ever going to see the Cats rise again, we will need our strong front office. Hopefully they will have a couple of decent games to finish the year and give everyone a warm fuzzy feeling. :wink:

We should have hired Tillman instead of the $lasher for our new GM . Tillman had a PROVEN GM track record!
Kudos to our rookie new GM. Ps: Holmes and DJ HAD THE LAST LOUGH and I can't wait to give #42 a big cheer to close out the season MERCI BEAUCOUP pardon my french..... :lol:

First you lose the fan that cares for this team and show up early every game. Second if you lose the fan because the team doesnt care what the fan think, you will lose sponcership!Whats next ?

Next year's slogan will be...

"It's MC Hammer Time"
A couple of highlights in an otherwise bleak life.

Oh wait, that was this year...

You can contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

I totally agree. Since they've gone to the well so many times, I'm hoping the only schtick left is to declare Argos $uck! Day, where Bob will blow up a big box of somethin' at center field, a la Comiskey Park. At least do something to release the forbidden curse.