Marketing to kids

Too bad the CFL cant do something like this

NFL to Simulcast Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon - Sports Illustrated

Sounds like a fail for the Shield to me. How you gonna explain a Cover 2 formation to a 9 year old. The Tobacco Industry has tried this before

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they dont need it explained. I started watching when I was 12 and you know what, I still dont really know what a cover 2 is. I dont pay attention to those details. Screw the terminology, I just recognized what happens on the field as being good or bad play, smart or stupid, etc. Children can be entertained by what they see without knowing the stuff behind it.


The NFL is forcing their product on kids. Shouldn't force kids have an interest in their game. Kids have other interests other than sports like video games, skateboarding, Chess(due to popularity of "Queen's Gambit") and in other sports. A love for a sport should be a natural process.

This is a sign that the NFL is losing new participants to cheaper and less physical sports like soccer and basketball

This looks like more of a CBS (Nickelodeon is under it's umbrella) initiative as opposed to strictly an NFL one.

Does Bell own a kids channel? Otherwise I think attractive child/family pricing can be more effective in getting kids out and introduce them to the local team.

It owns MUCH. Which ive been saying should simcast the grey cup. They just need to make sure that the halftime show is pro youth/young adult.
The CFL really needs to target the youth so something like this should have been done 5 years ago

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You dont have to explain anything, kids are smart, internet is super accesible, and you dont need to tell a kid how to get excited about something. They learn intuitively very easily, they can read a room and theyll probably have some Kid friendly host on the nickelodeon feed.

sorry, but baloney. NFL is not forcing anything any more than Disney or Seseme street.

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The idea that a kid is going to like football because the half-time show is targeted to them is ridiculous. Unless they already like football, they're not going to sit through the game just to catch the halftime show, and then watch the second half because they suddenly care about football.

They're going to keep checking if Halftime started, and then sit and watch their artist. The second it's done, they turn off the game. Otherwise they'll wait to stream the halftime show the next day on youtube or somewhere else.

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This literally already happens. Thats why the highest viewership for any major football event is already the halftime show.
thats why the superbowl is AN EVENT for north americans and the Grey Cup isnt. Because Its sold as full time ceremony with a major act to headline Its interlude.

Edit: nobody needs to be a football fan to watch a major ceremony, but if we dont attract eyes to something that is supposed to be the flagship, then we dont have hope to attract them to watch a regular season game. . How are we so out of touch? People in Canada who arent nfl or even football fans attend superbowl parties, but not Grey Cup parties... Imagine that

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I think it's more than halftime events that hype for the Super Bowl . It's an outright hype machine backed by million dollars worth of corporate support .

Grey Cup have had major acts like Bieber , Lenny Kravitz , the Black eyed peas etc etc ... .

The Super Bowl is built up on all the major networks from the US including our own CTV here and it's hype machine is blasting non stop .

While TSN a specialty channel in Canada is the lone voice and platform to build the excitement of the event in Canada .

Espn 2 not espn main cover it minimally in the States and gets very modest viewership in the states for a championship game .

How do they compete with that when our own networks don't care about the event and it's barely mentioned .

CBC and CTV at one time both covered the Grey Cup together when we had 3 or 4 channels .

You do need kids and youth but it starts with them actually knowing they can actually play the game here .

With Canadians like Claypool or Tardif playing in the NFL and getting lots of attention it further erodes the CFL's stature within Canada as our league .

It will take more than halftime shows to change that thinking .

They need our own playing the game first and foremost and they need more platforms than TSN in order to cobrand and licence more effectively in order for there t be a return on the investment of whatever brand is being hitched to the CFL .


Nickelodeon is kinda weird

First the kids pick presidential elections (which Trump won haha, so they went crazy and started accusing people of cheating in election and changed result to Biden)

I'll be honest kids may like sports but they prefer them in the EA online variety.
As a kid I played football on everything from Atari to NES but I certainly did not watch the actual games.... they were long
Seeing an Argo game in person as a kid was way more interesting than watching a tv game with commercials and a bunch of old people in suits drawing all over the teleprompter (yeah I never got Madden at all)

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Agreed that Its more than just the halftime, but viewership always spikes during those shows, so people know who's headlining.
The lack of ota coverage is a major detriment to the league, especially for the flagship.

Kids always ask questions. Tell me you never experienced "Are we there yet?" umpteen times. Or "Why do you and mommy make noise at night, it wakes me up".

Kids are curious. it in their nature at that stage in their Life

Well - plop a kid in front of a TV with a game as sophisticated as football and for most of them, you're going to lose their interest quickly. As @Jasmine mentioned, the Superbowl half time show only works because of the immense hype train that's rolling for months before it arrives. Even then, kids under 14 mostly don't care.

I do think we need to build up the Grey Cup's half time show, but it's still kind of the wrong approach when it comes to kids. I'd rather modify the league's partnership with Wilson to provide us with 20,000 footballs a year instead of 2,000 (actually I have no idea how many are specified) and do massive giveaways every summer in public locations like city beaches and at schools.

Get 'em tossing the ball around, teach them a very simplified set of the rules, and over time you should start getting somewhere. Everything else is basically cheating.


I might point out that it is not the SB that the NFL is doing. My point was not about the Grey Cup but games in general.

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Maybe CFL can broadcast to kids on TV Ontario and some of the other publicly-owned provincial networks which cater to kids. Out west they have KnowledgeNetwork in BC I think.

I think your reply just contradicted your argument. Chess’s popularity because if the Netflix show is exactly what the original statement was saying. If we exposed kids to the CFL, it has a chance to be like The Queens Gambit . I sure didn’t understand the high level Chess terminology but it got me back interested in learning chess again. Point proven I think.

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Using SpongeBob and Squidward cheapens Football. The NFL has already used kid entertainment last night on it's Monday Night telecast with the Muppets appearance. In the end, the pundits talked about Steelers and Bengals, not Kermit, Stadler and Waldorf

I do understand where you’re coming from. I sure didn’t grow up being marketed to, but then, we were able to go to games more easily with my parents than I could possibly do now cause of where we live. I also understand that kids absorb what their parents or guardians are passionate about so the CFL’s first market to kids is us. But in these strange times, I’m wondering if we need to think outside the norm and venture into something new? A ton of market research would have to be done tho.