Marketing Survey

Okay, too much time on my hands! :lol: :lol:

This is unusual for me, because I'm usually a positive person, so marketing in the negative is out of charecter for me.

Lets say Glad decides to manufacture CFL Logo Garbage bags. As a CFL fan, do you buy your own teams logo to put your garbage in to sit out on the curb, or do you buy your most despised teams logo to put the garbage in and leave on the curb?

Vote Early, Vote often and tell me how you feel! :lol: :lol:

Very interesting poll, Sporty. :lol: I'm going to have to think about it...

I voted for my team and before it goes to the curb its got to sit in my house. Theres no way I want a Stamps logo sitting around my kitchen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although it might make it fun if everytime I passed the thing I could kick it a couple of times. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking of the intense rivalry of Hamilton and Toronto. Would a Ti-Cats fans be caught with an Argo logo Garbage bag? But then again, would you scrape the Dinner leftovers and greasy trimmings and "tarnish" the home team logo?

Easy. My most hated team's logo. However, I would turn the bag inside-out. :slight_smile:

I have a Bomber sticker on the landing pad of my toilet.



Sorry for hijacking this thread but someone explain how to do this poll thing to me.

…see PM.

I hope Sporty ain't in trouble, :o he meant only good fun with this thread after all.

He's not, don't worry.

I would ask glad to make Paul Godfrey bags, pic and all.

I think the PM was to BobbyP , instructions on how to set up a poll,


Sorry, poll not applicable here.
Where I live, due to the constant presence of bears, we are not allowed to put out garbage in bags, only closed containers.

Now, if somebody produced those containers with logos.......

Any team but my team, garbage goes with teams you want to beat I would think.

no way would I put any CFL logo on garbage.


but no way CFL.

I'd want my team's logo on the bag...that way the commercial could say,

"It's time for the to take out the trash!"

then you would want your team logo on the garbage truck and garbage mens uniform :rockin: