Marketing Misses For The CFL

I buy my workout cloths at Giant Tiger - in Niagara Falls. They are cheap and disposable.

Today, I saw a bunch of black "Ticat" shorts - plain black with a small Logo on the leg. They were with other shorts on the $10 rack. I took a few to the counter only to find out the Ticat shorts were $18 - they are a lesser quality than the other $10 shorts. Being the cheap guy I am, I took them back and bought the better/cheaper pairs.

Too bad. If they had priced them to be competitive, they would have made a sale and advertised the team. I'll return when they are half off.

I am going to check our GT.

Need to clarify was the ti-cats one on the $10 rack in error? So the proper $10 ones we're plain black with no logo?

If that's the case, I don't see a big issue. Perhaps I misunderstanding

I"m not sure it's good policy for the CFL to get involved with a Wal-Mart style race to the bottom. It's a premium brand, not a no-name brand. So even if the perceived quality of the shorts is less than that of the less expensive pair, the cheaper ones don't come with a premium brand. I don't see the issue here.

I agree, it is no big deal. It's just too bad the Ticats didn't price the products to move. Again, it is good advertising.

I think it might be just regional contracts with the CFL teams.
Wal-marts in Saskatchewan sell Rider gear, that is less quality than what you would find on the CFL store or Rider store.