Marketing 101

I just spent a few minutes today looking at the other web sites of our CFL teams and noticed ALL of them had listed there promotions for their 2009 season tickets...with the exception of Hamilton.

What gives with our beloved Hamilton Tiger-cats? Have we sold out already for 2009?

Despite tough times, I would have thought that a push during the holiday season would have made for good business.

Just another note to those who have issue with the ticket prices...check the other web sites of CFL teams and I suspect you may want to consider some of your objections to our pricing structures.

Christmas comes early with Ho, Ho, Hobart!

Acton Tiger Cat supporter. If my memory serves me correctly - you have a lengthy list of sales credentials. Why don't you contact Big Bob and offer him your services? I believe you are a local boy with a considerable amount of customer contacts etc. The information would be a tremendous marketing and sales aid.

One problem that prevents the teams from offering the " Sales Pitch " is the 2009 schedule has not been announced. Then again according to you this has not stopped the other teams from stepping up to the plate and getting on with the business side of matters. You also may not be awrae Mark Bowden has left
the team to persue other opportunities. ................ How are things is Box J Row 14 Seats 35 -36 ?????

Man 3 Great People gone Kevin Rom and now Mark Bowden
All we great in Keeping the Ticat Brand of CFL Football in Public Eye.
A Hard year for us just got Harder

I would offer my services for this team only if they would listen! This has been a broken record for the past 5 years of the same old stuff! Have you ever walked around the grey cup and listen how people really look at hamilton? I have and I dont like it! We need alot of work still!Too bad I cant help! :wink:

Heavy marketing of your product just before Christmas makes good economic sense to me (and 8 other CFL teams). Mr. Young must've had a very good year away from football.

Once again, these guys are slow off the mark!!! :x

An Argo-Cat fan

Maybe they are trying to come up with a good slogan:
"After 5 years, go for a 6-pack!"
"You've heard us purr, now hear us roar!"
"No more paper tigers!"

I never understood the schedule excuse - sure, some shift workers can't commit until they see the sched, but why not collect interest on season ticket money from those that can. And give dads and moms a black and gold ticket voucher to put in the kid's stockings to boot.

Wouldn't work here? Nonsense - Jim Balsillie continues to collect interest on season ticket deposits for an NHL team that won't play their first game in Hamilton for 3-5 years. :wink:

OK, and then I read the other post about ST calls from Brian and invoices going out shortly - uh, never mind.

Do you know something I don't???

Mark Bowden
Vice President, Business Affairs
Hamilton Tiger-Cats

I take back everything I said privately, I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE YOUR LOVE CHILD.

People should be careful with the rumour spreading.

HAHA!!! Greatess reply ever!

Altho I have not seen any promotions for season's tickets I did take a look under the "Ticket" tab on the home page.....2009 pricing is there for all to see. No mention of how the "Playoff Guarantee" affects the renewal rates. I guess we'll have to wait on the personal mailings from the team for that.

I like how they are finally allowing tickets to be paid over a 5-month period (January to May). For those without access to cash for full payment up front, this should help.

I agree there needs to be more advertising done. Christmas is three weeks away, and there are no ticket option ads on the page like when you go to other teams sites. Also Christmas specials on merchandise? alot of team sites have these to. I hate to say it, but I went on the Argos site and they are doing a very good job advertising ticket options and holiday merchandise savings. I purchased tickets for one game from the Argos office this year, and they have already sent me 2 letters offering me season ticket packages. I went to 7 in Hamilton and not one letter or email from the club about anything. I also like the Argos voucher deal how you can buy 10 vouchers and use them for any games you want in any combination you want. I hate to make so many blue team references, but they are doing a great job marketing right now, where we are not.

Which foot do I remove from my mouth first? I was under the impression from another post Bowden had left. I apologize........................

There is a thread about Kevin Walsh leaving. Are you confusing those two maybe?

Sounds like the news of your demise has been greatly exaggerated.


I got my 2009 Season ticket renewal mailing today Dec. 4 2008, Karen.

I feel like a bandit.

Silver level 2009 season ticket.....................$380.00

2008 Playoff Guarantee Credit.....................$ 74.35

2008 Playoff Game Credit @ payment.............$34.20 [pre-paid last season]

Bonus: paid-in-full by Jan 23 2009 >10% off

Total Due if paid-in-full by Jan 23 2009...........$233.45

No problem, armchair. I made a mistake once myself. :smiley:

Glad mark is staying put ..
He is Class act Great at His job
also He good for a Sound Bite..