We need to market our league better than we are doing right now. Can we use actual players instead of stunt doubles for commercials? How about billboards? Exposure, Exposure! The NFL has become bigger than life by doing the little things right. If we market the CFL like we should than expansion will be soon on the horizon as well as a stronger league. We have to get the kids at the grass roots level interested and excited about football. We need players staying on the same team for more than just a year or two, this will work commish! :rockin:

Irrelevant, the NFL will always be perceived as the epitomy league of football in this day and age of media and marketing, the CFL doesn't stand a chance in this regard and should never try and "take on the NFL", if you will, in this respect. But that's not the point, the CFL always should play on the heels in this day and age of American football as it IS football, in this country played in our cities, for a historic trophy that predates the Lombardi trophy by decades, our rules that go back in history for so long, and is ours. Market it sure, just don't market it like it's ever going to replace the NFL as the perceived no. 1 league around. In fact, market it as THE alternative to be more precise.

I couldn't care less if every player in the league changes year after year, I just want my team to win the GC every year, that's my goal. And players will change a lot, especially if they keep allowing Americans to play in the league, that is a different story though and discussion but is relevant to why players will change a lot in this league that generally pays salaries far less than the "major" leagues out there.

I wasnt saying try to take on the NFL I was just saying that in order to be stronger, better which I assume thats what we all want right? We need to market it better not like we are trying to compete with the NFL. I personally want a at least a 12 team league another team in Ottawa again. I get tired of watching teams play eachother 4-6 times a year dont you?

Boss, here in Hamilton there are billboards with CFL on them, the league is spending some money. A 12 team like would be nice for sure, I agree, but something like this is going to take a while given the current model of how the league operates. Let's be happy with what we have, not complacent I agree, but small steps, Ottawa first hopefully, then something else after that.

Do you think fans in the NHL that had a 6 team league that played this way for decades got bored a lot? I don't think so. The CFL is a different beast out there, a pro league that is Canadian run and operated, I know it's natural to try and compare it to MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS, NLL but this is impossible because it has a whole different history and is Canadian operated business, a whole different beast. Which is nice, very nice BTW but does have a whole set of other issues.

nah, they tried marketing but it didn't work. Better to stick to the tried and true CFL formula...sell 20,000 tickets for $20 each...everything else is window dressing. :cowboy:

All the NFL is good at is picking up their billion-dollar cheques from the TV networks. Most NFL teams are lousy marketers and just have to open their ticket office and sellout for the season. If you want to see marketing check out some successful minor league hockey and baseball franchises.

A key marketing tool is to get the Argos out of the RC and into a facility that holds about 25,000, the optics of this will be great just like what TFC is doing in Toronto, make it look exciting.

The CFL is doing a pretty good job. Its the individual teams have to do a better job.

The CFL should have a all-star game one week after the GREY CUP.

Have it in one of the three domes, rotating every year, make it a CFL extravaganza! :cowboy: :rockin: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would be great to have a 12 team leageu to make it look more appealing but not at the price that it would take. Having more teams only helps the league if the do well but having an extra team like Ottawa if they'll just be a joke as far as ownership I think it does more harm then good

This type of thing is excellent as well:

CFL commissioner speaking at Mustang fundraiser

By Communications Staff
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Canadian Football League (CFL) commissioner Mark Cohon will deliver the keynote speech at the 2009 Mustangs Scholarship Breakfast on March 24.

Cohon is a dynamic business leader and an experienced sports executive. The breakfast will be held from 7- 8:45 a.m. at the London Convention Centre.

The breakfast, in its second year, aims to raise funds for athletic financial awards and keep the top student-athletes in Canada.

"Mark will be a great follow-up to our inaugural speaker, Richard Peddie from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment," said Jim Weese, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

"London is a hotbed for football in our country and interest in the Canadian Football League is very strong. I know that Mark will be well received by the many expected to attend this breakfast event.?

Fresh off his second successful season at the helm of the CFL, Cohon is leading a period of positive growth, featuring strong attendance, high television ratings and expanding corporate partnerships.

But he'll tell you he's most proud of the positive difference CFL teams make in their communities and the extraordinary power of the Grey Cup championship to bring Canadians together.

Western has provided $700,000 in seed funding to support athletic financial awards approved for Ontario universities for the 2007-08 season.

The Mustangs Scholarship Breakfast is one of the fundraising activities designed to support the program. All proceeds from this event will be invested in the Western athletic financial awards program.

For more information or tickets, please visit or email Holly Gati at ... 106443446/