Markeith Knowlton

If Stevie Baggs is Shakespeare because he makes plays, then is Markeith Knowlton the Pastry Chef since he makes turnovers?

My God, this guy keeps getting better and better!

A turnover MACHINE! My fave on the D.

Oski Wee Wee,


He played a hell of a game. Way 2 go Markeith.


I know many will disagree with me, but I think Markeith is the best over-all defensive player in the CFL

55 tackles
3 sacks
3 forced fumbles
3 interceptions
5 fumble returns 1 for a TD
2 blocked punts.

The guys is a beast.

Totally agree Banshee. . . Knowlton is easily my favourite Cat. . . and while Chip Cox, Philip Hunt, and Willie Pile have had really good years, Knowlton's had a better one and should win the award for top defensive player this season, at least coming out of the east, imho.

He is easily our best D player since 53 left town. If he doesn't win the D MOP award for the CFL this year it would be a crying shame. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Absolutely, but I think he's playing in Chip Cox's shadow unfortunately.

Cox is more flamboyant and I think he takes more penalties too, both of which make him more noticeable. They play the same position, so the question is who would you rather have as your SAM linebacker? If I had that choice, I'd take Knowlton. . .

Chip Cox:
74 Tackles
3 sacks
4 forced fumbles
2 Interceptions
2 fumble returns
0 blocked kicks.

I'd still give it to Markeith. Not only has does he get the nod in fumble returns and blocked kicks, but the timing of his forced turnovers has ALWAYS been critical.

I think Knowlton suffers because all three Hamilton LBs are really good. He is outstanding, but the other two guys are as well so it overshadows his impact to some extent.

Exactly. :thup:

Maybe 28 and 35 can take a couple of games off to make 25 look better? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously though, whatever happens I and most Ticat fans know who is the best. Sometimes this is all that is necessary. Still it would be a crying shame if he's overlooked. Reminds me of the sixties when Henley was overlooked so often for MOP (back when there was only one award given and not split between O and D) because he played mostly D. Again all Ticat fans knew who the MOP really was. :rockin: :rockin:

*65 tackles.

Oh, my. And how are we ever to trust her again? :wink:

I got those numbers from this very site so whoever updates them is fired lol

I don't like to post after myself, but I just had to post these stats courtesy of Drew Edwards:
Cox has garnered a whopping 18 penalties for 189 yards. Among them: five for pass interference or illegal contact and four unnecessary roughness or face mask calls.

By comparison, Knowlton has drawn just two flags all year – none in his last 14 contests – for a total of 24 yards.

I'm stunned that Markeith has only had TWO penalties all year. Talk about leadership and self-control. To be able to put up numbers like he has without getting penalties is amazing.

Another aspect of Knowlton's game is his ability to cover downfield. In the loss to Saskatchewan (week 13), he twice went deep step-for-step with Fantuz (although Fantuz did come down with one of them).

Sure is nice to have a linebacker with DB speed.

We have to give thanks to Wally of BC for supplying the TiCat's and the rest of the league with some very fine player's. the fans in BC have to be very concerned with the way Wally has been behaving of late. When looking at it Wally has probably given away the making of an all star team.

I thought Knowlton’s nickname was “The Monster”?

He might be one of the most under appreciated guys in the league. I know we here in Hamilton give him a bunch of love, but I never hear him talked about in the national media like Chip Cox or some of the other LBs.