Markeith Knowlton Suspended?

There still the issue of the tweet on Knowlton’s injury.
If not this time, the coach’s words on Cuttino are bound to come back to haunt him some other time when a “team rule” is broken:

“He was a good enough player to continue competing and he did some good things in camp but a team rule was broken,? Bellefeuille said. “Because of that, I cut him.?

Agreed I think it more then Tweet that got him cut.

I am sure Knowlton will fine

I think at this point they were only allowed to bring in 2 guys on the IR (Kirk and Bo Smith) so that they could attend meetings and stuff (I remember reading that was new this year) and then there is the 9 game IR. Makes sense to suspend him so they can bring him back when he's better. I'm glad this isn't too serious and wish him a speedy recovery. If he played that well with a bad toe last year I can't wait to see how good he'll play at 100% :smiley:

New this season. Before training camp began,teams were allowed to include 2 veteran players on injured list.

Montreal had/still has Kerry Carter and Rodriguez; BC has Paris Jackson and Lee-RB- and so on. Does not apply if a player is hurt during camp. In training camp there is no such thing as 1 game injury list. For whatever reason,a team will place a player on the suspended list and this player does not count against approved numbers. i.e. the 75 or 68.


Thanks for the explanation, RV. I guess that rule was used by the Cats for Bo Smith and Matt Kirk.

Does anyone else have the feeling that both the Knowlton and Hickman situations are bigger than the team is letting on? I still remember 2 years ago when Kenton Keith got injured on the first day of camp and for about a week all they said about the injury was they he would be "Day-to-Day", then they put him on the IR and he never played a down. The same thing happened with Jason Jimenez last year after the 2nd pre-season game and then they eventually put him on the IR and he missed 10 games.

Maybe i'm just paranoid, but the whole thing (Both Knowlton and Hickman) worries me.

It's amazing how some of you build and invent all the drama in your own imaginations. Maybe use your thoughts on something constructive?

It is quite amusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

8) According to Steve Milton, the official word on Knowltons injury is "Turf Toe".
 A very painful injury for sure.

Well that's no fun.

If ever had Turf Toe is Very Painful..

I Talk about about it in my Tweet Today and Give a link to a video

When I played university ball I saw turf toe bring 250+ pound men to tears. Luckily never had it myself.

I had turf toe The way fix mine was taking a mold of foot
They made an Insert for my Shoes

it also cures Plantar Fasciitis