Markeith Knowlton Suspended?

No mention by anybody about Knowlton being suspended. What gives? or is it much ado about nothing?

I over heard some people saying he was taken to the hospital during Monday's practice. I didn't say anything about it on here because Drew hadn't mentioned it and all the "evidence" I had was hearsay. But I guess something is going down, first Hickman and now Knowlton-I'M WORRIED!

Sounds like Marcel is finally laying down the law and a couple of people don't like it. Thats fine as long as it isn't different rulez for different foolz..


I don't think he got suspended for attitude or anything of that nature. It's likely something injury or personal related. Knowlton is one of the quietest guys on the team.

Yes, need the lowdown on this for sure. :?

oh crap I do NOT like the sound of this.

This is kinda scary.. If we don't have Hickman and Knowlton on defense we will be in rough shape..

Do suspended players count against the 68-man roster that they have to be down to by midnight tonight? As in, is this simply a ploy to keep an extra player around for a few more days?

It would still mean he's injured though. You don't keep one guy from practicing so you can keep another on the team.

no they don't

Good point. And if so, bad news. But why suspended rather than on IR?

It also could be a personal issue that would prevent him from being with the team for a short period. Usually not good news for the player either, especially when there's no explanation.

Fingers crossed that it's something minor.

Twitter says that he is going to miss a few days due to a foot injury..!/search/Markeith%20Knowlton



Because IR you can't recall him as quick..

Hope we don't have to cut someone because its on twitter :roll:

Yikes, I am really hoping this is nothing to worry about! :expressionless:

Drew Edwards just posted these words:

"Linebacker Markeith Knowlton has been placed on the suspended list as he recovers from a minor surgical procedure on a toe injury that hampered him dating back to last season. He can be recalled at any time and is expected to miss at least a few days of camp." Link: ... -list.html

Can the drama stop now?

This is the kind of fire that tends to grow quickly. I hope someone stomps it out fast. Is the Monster suspended or not?

I posted just a moment too soon. Thanks Zen.

Because I don't think there is an IR until after the final cut-downs at the end of pre-season.

edit: actually I see on the transactions page that some players have been transferred to IR. So maybe that has changed. Or possibly there's a 9 game IR but not a 1 game IR?

IR you can not recall a player right away but you can from the Suspended list
It's a minor detail but there just giving Markeith time to recover
once the DR. Feels he's ready he can practice right away ..
without have to be recalled from IR.