Markeith Knowlton Defence Player of the week.

Congrats. and if it was possible to name more than one from the team, I'd say all the "D" earned it! :thup:

Congratulations to Knowlton and his two linebacker corps mates.

Although some (mainly BC fans) will argue the Mo Mann touchdown was bogus thus cost the Lions the win, I submit that blown call was a tradeoff for the bogus PI calls on us which lead to points.

That out of the way, it can be argued our linebacking corps took control of the game in the fourth quarter and made a considerable contribution to the victory.

I'd say that the Linebackers on this team are the CORE of the Defence. :stuck_out_tongue:

He played a great game and the award was well deserved. :thup:

I think it should have been corp.

Man, its times like this I wish I could get a refund on that English degree I sank a lot of time and money into getting.

In the way he was using corps it was correct.
In the way I used core, it was also correct.

Both can be used, it depends on what you want to say. Some people get too uppity though.

The way the team turned it around in the 4th quarter it was like a CORPSE rising from the dead.

Well congratulations to Markeith, easily my favourite Ticat. And congrats to Ockham as well for not yanking my chain on "corps." :smiley:

Just so we're all clear, I make my fair share of spelling and grammar mistakes in here. When someone corrects me on it, you'll see me say "thank you" and I'll do my level best not to make the same mistake again. What I won't do is call the person who corrects me 'uppity" or a "jackass"; I don't like to go the ad hominem route.

I told him this morning before he stepped on the field that he would win player of the week!
Congrads Big Dog!!

While the entire D turned it up a notch in the fourth quarter Knowlton was simply on fire and a huge factor in the TiCats win. With a pick, a fumble recovery, a sack, and a forced fumble, he was directly involved in at least 3 of the 5 turnovers.

Say what you want about this win, but the TiCats showed a lot of heart to come from behind like this on the road, out-scoring BC 19 -3 in the fourth quarter.

The additions of Baggs and Smith should make this defense even stronger, and help the team work their way past some injuries.

Congrats to Markeith and the TiCats defense.


Awesome job Markeith. Keep up the good work.

Obviously well deserved. Great job Markeith.

On another note, IN YOUR FACE DIAMOND FERRI lol. I know he had his eyes on that prize.

All I'm saying is that I thought this place was somewhere to discuss football. I didn't realize that my posts would be held to the same standards as my thesis.

Its a message board, on the internet. As long as you can understand what the other person is trying to say, there is no need to correct their spelling or grammar.

And if that WAS all you said, we'd have no problem my friend. It was the "uppity" and "jackass" remarks that were, to my mind, out of line.

And they won't be, certainly not by me.

And you won't see me doing that, in the vast majority of cases. It's just that, as any longtime poster here will tell you, I personally have these two pet peeves, misusing "core" when you mean "corps" and mixing up "then" and "than". Do that and you'll likely hear from me. Can't really say why those two mistakes really get on my nerves, but they do. . .

But enough of that. Isn't Knowlton a star ? One of Obie's best pickups since he became the GM in Hamilton, in my opinion. Does anyone recall (because I don't) how he obtained him? Was Knowlton a free agent signing or was someone traded for him, and if so who went the other way?