markeith knowlton as a DB

We could trick opposing teams by putting me out there as wide out. Think about it, I am 6 feet 3 inches, 230 pounds, completely out of shape, slow as a Yugo, the other teams wouldn't waste their time covering me leaving my stone hands wide open for trick play after trick play.
I will do it if there is an air ambulance close by.
just kidding.

Exactly don't mess with success.
Also every GM in the league would agree with me that Auggie will never be a starter again.
He's strictly a career back-up and special teamer.

I think this thread stems from a misunderstanding of the SAM (strong side/wide side/field side) linebacker position in the CFL and how it has evolved. In the mid 90's when John Hufnagel started using 5-6 receiver sets as the OC in Calgary teams running 3 traditional linebackers were getting torched as a 240lb LB tried to cover a speedy slotback. What has traditionally been known as a 'nickel package' - 1 LB out, extra DB in - became the norm around the league. The modern SAM linebacker in the CFL is essentially an extra DB covering the 5th receiver. The best SAM linebackers in the last few years have all been converted DBs - Shannon Garrett, Steven Marsh, Sean Lucas, Jackie Mitchell, Willie Pile, Ike Charlton, Kelly Malveaux (sometimes), and of course your very own Markeith Knowlton. All guys in the 5'10" - 6' range and around 200 lbs.