markeith knowlton as a DB

what do you think of the idea of having markeith knowlton as a defensive back and getting rid of lawrence gordon since he wasnt that strong last year...via a trade or just keep him as a backup

we could use Cameron Siskowic and Agustin Barrenchea as our outside linebackers and Otis Floyd as our middle linebacker...or mix these three around or soemthing...and we still have Ray Mariuz and that new kids Jacob Patek looks promising.

Our backfield could look something like this:

CB: Geoff Tisdale
DB: Chris Thompson and Markeith Knowlton
S: Dylan Barker or Sandy Beveridge or Sean manning

The other Cb position we can see who is the most effective out of Jykine Bradley, Zemaitis, Smith, and the other db's we have competing.

why put him at DB when he was so good at LB ?

Because he has a slim-none chance of starting at LB this year and he has the makings of an interception master like Thompson. Imagine the Crazy defense if: Aguie Barrenechea OLB Cameron Siskowic MLB Otis Floyd OLB DB Chris Thompson DB Markeith Knowlton CB Geoff Tisdale CB -Whomever wins starting job in camp- S Dylan Barker

Knowlton was 3rd in the CFL in tackles last year with 95. He was one of the more dominant outside LB in the league. Don't mess with something that successful.

Sorry but I think this is a really bad idea.

I've wondered about this too. Knowlton has played great at OLB. But he's a little small for that position compared to most... listed at something like 205. I don't know if he's fast enough for a DB position... not disputing it, just not aware. I know Rob Hitchcock made that switch late in his career (in the opposite direction) when he didn't have the speed for DB any longer. I think I'd be more inclined to keep Knowlton where he's done well than to move him to a new spot.

If he is "too small" then how did he become 3rd in tackles in all the CFL? There is no logic in that statement at all..

Tisdale struggled when asked to play the corner, but really came on when moved to halfback. Leave them where they have had success and upgrade the spots that need upgrading. Don't count out Gordon, he has paid his dues and could be ready to use his experience to advantage.

This is just silly.

Considering that Jykine Bradley is our best defensive player all credibility for this thread is gone.

Oh, and Knowlton is a great linebacker.

LOL! Jykine Bradley is definitely not our best def. player. Quite a few people on our def. are better, ex. Chris Thompson (lead the league with 9, count em NINE interceptions.), Ray Mariuz (Great Non-Import Linebacker, 65 tackles, 15 ST tackles, 2 sacks, 1 fumble recovery in 08), Darrell Adams (40 Tackles, 8 sacks in 08).

I didn't say he is "too small". Perhaps if I had said that then you would be correct to say there is no logic in the statement at all. However, I didn't say that. What I did say is that he's a little small for that position compared to most. I believe that to be true, and therefore quite logical. Unless of course most OLBs in the CFL are 205. Maybe they are, but I don't believe that to be the case. I stand to be corrected on that if you feel otherwise.

I also said he has played great at OLB, and I recommended he continue at that position. My comment about his size was in response to suggestions he switch to DB, which I do not propose. Perhaps you didn't notice that.

Jykine Bradley is our best corner and a very good one, i would put him even with Thompson as our best defensive back. Knowlton is a linebacker and should remain there. Our backfield will be

Barker free safety
Thompson inside safety
Tisdale inside safety
Bradley corner
?? I'm hoping one of the newcomers can beat out Gordon for the other corner.

And LOL Ray Mariuz is not even in the same league as a football player as Jykine Bradley.

Watch out for Zematis.
He is the early favorite to play opposite Bradley.

And there is a lot of silly posts above.
Ray Mariuz will not start for us unless there is an injury.
Bradley was not our best defensive player, Knowlton was
slim-none chance of starting at LB this year....Holy crap!!!

Knowlton was awesome last season at OLB.
He rather quietly recorded the sixth-highest single season tackle total in Ticats history...EVER....Did anyone know that?
Rookie Patek has a chance to do a similar transition as Knowton going from DB to LB

There both in the CFL no? Mariuz has Non-Import status over Bradley, Mariuz has better stats, etc. Bradley's a fine player but he's not god and he's definitely not our best def. player.

You're kidding right?

The guy was OUTSTANDING as a linebacker. Trust me, Auggie is not going to beat out Knowlton. Siskowic is not of the same calibre as Knowlton either. If he was, he would've been starting last year. Who's going to beat him? This is just silly.

There are numerous DB's being brought to camp to address the secondary. Moving your best defensive player out of the position where he excelled, where he was one of the best in the league because suddenly, he has "slim-none" chance of starting? Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

Why do we want to blow up our team every year? The problems that need to be addressed are being addressed, but you don't start tampering with the parts of your team that were your biggest strength.

Oh, I just thought of something - let's move Prechae to fullback because he has slim-none chances of starting at WR this year.

There both in the CFL no? Mariuz has Non-Import status over Bradley, Mariuz has better stats, etc. Bradley's a fine player but he's not god and he's definitely not our best def. player.
What are you talking about stats. One is a linebacker the other a corner. What stats are you comparing?
Bradley is a shutdown corner, the reason he didn't have more interceptions is simply because other teams refused to throw against him, instead picking on Gordon and you can't compare tackles between a corner and a linebacker. The fact one is an import and the other a non import is irrelevent when you stated that Mariuz was "better" He is not better and it's not even close.

THe CFL is a passing league. The Cats learned the hard way especially during the first half of 2008, you can't win a lot of games without an effective passing game. Knowlton is that tweener linebacker (converted DB) that most CFL defences have to help protect against pass coverage and can still help out on run plays. Most 220-230 lbs linebackers get blown away when they are matched up against a reciever, AC or Hank would throw all day to Richardson or Rambo if Auggie or Siskowic were the primary cover guys.

What on earth would make you say that?? I see NOTHING that would even insinuate that any of those guys you've mentioned should be starting over Knowlton at LB. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Can't say I'm sold on Siskowic as MLB and as much as I like Auggie, I don't see any reason on earth why he should even be considered to start over Knowlton.

LOL @ not_a_bengal. I think moving Preschae is one of the best ideas I've ever heard. Have you ever thought of coaching professionally?? :smiley: I think your post about Knowlton is bang on. The guy is a beast and was one of the few highlights of last year. After our LB fiasco, if they move Knowlton I might just have to egg someone's house. :twisted:

This thread is starting to finally make some sense. :?

Prechae can transition Darcy Brown to fullback.
Can you imagine the mismatches Prechae could produce.
Who would cover him out of the backfield?

Also, how about Porter as a wideout?
We could use him in wildcat situations.
Line him up out wide, or under center.
The opposing defenses would not know who was going to throw the ball.

We flirted with Kori Dickerson moving from fullback to D-Line last season.
We have Bekasiak going from offensive line to the defensive side this year.

One can only hope that the coaching staff is as open minded as some posters as to position changes for this coming season.