Mark Word: bring him to Hamilton

Don't get overly worked up about this but I feel Tim Cheatwood is highly overrated, we need someone who can get after the q.b consistantly. Who better to sign than Word who was just let go by the Bills today.

Mark Word?,Mark Word?..can someone jog my memory,did he play in the cfl?..or, where else did he play in the nfl?

Played as a Ticat twice and for Montreal.

Had alot of injury problems if i recall correctly.

Yes he played here for a season or 2 before going to the NFL, where he played for Cleveland, k.c and da bills.

oh yaaaaaa...Thanks Crash!

you too Drexl

On Chiefs roster 1999 & 2000 season, played 5 games, no taclkes or sacks
Browns Roster 2001-2005. played 16 games in 02 and 03 with 36 29 tackles, 12 sacks. Has not played since the end of the 2003 season.
Can't seem to find any stats from hic college years.
If he is so great Drexl, then how come he's only played in hasn't even played 2 1/2 seasons in the 6 he has been under contract with teams?

I didn't know that much about him, I remembered he complimented Joe well while he was here and that he had a big season in the NFL. I see no harm in bringing him in.

he's also a bit of a head case. he ran out on the tiger-cats when he thought he was going to be re-signed by the browns, and he thought by leaving the team here he would be released, leaving his nfl path free and clear. instead, ronnie lancaster suspended him, and he had to come back.
and last year in montreal he was part of 'the don's' big lineman/quicker lineman experiment, and was on and off the roster several times. he also ran afoul of matthews, who sat him down as 'uncoachable.'
also, he's put on significant weight, and he's lost a lot of the speed that made him special. at one time he was very quick for a big strong 280-pound guy. now, he's just a typical nfl 'gap cancellation' type of lineman. he'd amount to nothing special for us ...

What he said. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Once you are on Lancaster's "sh*t" list you are done in this City.

Once you are on Lancaster's "sh*t" list you are done in this City.

And trust me, he is sh!t-listable... :wink: LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

Look up sh!t-list in Webster's Dictionary, you will see Mark Word's picture (alongside Jason Lamar, Lamar McGriggs, etc...).

In Lancaster's dictionary anyway and I guess Ron Williams and Yeast are also in it.

Ron Williams was in a fist fight with a teammate and was released, Yeast was spewing long before his last game ended that he wanted off this team.
Both highly justifiable releases.

8) You can also add Joe Montfords name to that list !!!

Word was a total bust for us in Montreal, took too many dumb penalties and didn't seem interested in learning the system and being coached. Can't see how he'd help Hamilton. You're better off reuniting Cheatwood and Montford to rekindle that old magic, at least for a season.

Mark Word... MARK WORD !...

When he was in Montreal, I had to wake up earlier in the morning so I could hate him enough before the end of the day.

That sycho would get about four majour fouls per game.

Don't you guys already have enough problems as it is now? Leave Word where he is...

I dont think him and Ron were close.