Mark Weightman Named COO

Well I guess he had a good campaign manager in Richard. :smiley:

Ive heard him speak during the stadium expansion phase - he speaks perfect French and seems like a bright guy. And hes been around the team as long as Jim Popp, surving the different presidential regimes.

My only concern with him was if he was a strong enough name in the Montreal / Quebec business community. Mais il faut donner la chance au coureur.

Il peut constituer une surprise, mais c'est certainement un bon candidat en attendant qu'un candidat plus prestigieux se pointe, s'il en est.

L'avantage de Weightman, c'est qu'il sera à l'aise de partager les feux de la rampe avec Popp et Trestman.

Pour ce qui est d'améliorer la situation des commandites et des ventes de l'équipe, c'est le défi qui fera qu'il passe ou qu'il retourne à son ancien poste. Il joue quand même gros à prendre ce poste.

Je lui souhaite ardemment de réussir!

Man, Richard strikes again. Our very own Nostradamus. :smiley:

This hire makes absolute sense. Let Weightman do the job. He's already familiar with the org from top to bottom, and he's bilingual. More importantly, he already has a relationship with Popp, so there won't be any turf wars there.

I like the hire. You can never go wrong with someone who's been in your organization his whole professional life and shown nothing but great things.

The title is also appropriate. Now all they need is a guy who understands selling to business owners and executives, support and listen to that guy's ideas and everything will fall in place. An SMB does not need to pay guys 400k to run an office.

If all your money is going in salaries there is nothing left to work with. Kind of hiring a Chef but no money left to buy supplies...

Congratulations on the promotion and lets hope he's supported by everyone.

Well he's got his work cut out for him. Winnipeg has announced 22,000+ season tix sold.

and Veilleux scores the winning goal in shawinigan tonight. guess there's something about that name. :wink: