Mark Washington is our new D.C.

Mark Washington is coming to Hamilton!
According to Justin Dunk, Mark Washington is set to become our new defensive coordinator.
Glad to see this.
I read this on TSN minutes ago

Why are you glad?

Great hire, best we could hope for!

I think this was the right move for coach O. He will need to focus on the HC job.

Fully agree with all the moves made in football ops.

I have to agree. We saw how multiple roles affected our last two head coaches. I’m hoping having separate guys in the now clearly defined roles of HC, OC and DC work much better for 2019.

Hope your right !? Looks like he is the best available at this point in time !

BC had the most interceptions in the CFL last year with MW as the DC. He might bring a bit more aggressive approach to the DB’s.

Exactly I was gunna say, BC has had one of the better secondarys in the league with MW at the helm, he cant be blamed entirely for that dumpster fire he had to coach in. Hard to not allow points when Jonathon Jennings and Co. are keeping you on the field the majority of the game

Matthew Scianitti


[ltr]Can confirm @JDunk12 earlier report, hearing from #CFL sources #Ticats are moving to hire former #BCLions defensive coordinator Mark Washington as Hamilton’s new defensive coordinator[/ltr]

8:43 PM - Jan 5, 2019·Vaughan, Ontario

Because he has CFL experience.
And if he needs some help, or hand-holding along the way, then Coach ‘O’ can help him along.

But Coach ‘O’ needs to concentrate on being the coach, and let the assistants handle the ‘grunge’

The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

Because I couldn’t spell pleezed! 8)

Also, we have to remember Solomon was absent for a good portion of the season, I would presume MW designed a defence that could defend for 1/2 a game, not 3/4 or more, depending on whatever Jennings could serve up as an offence