Mark Trestman extension

Looks like Trestman will be around longer than we thought.

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I'm glad Marc Trestman will stay in Canada.
Montreal could very well stay as the powerhouse of the CFL for a long time.
They are strong and smart at the top..... from the owner to the coaching staff.

And brucefan.....please spell his first name correctly in the thread title. Its in the link you sent us!

Sorry to hear that. :smiley:

I guess I can scratch that off the old Christmas list too.

I'm glad that a good person and a successful coach has decided that the CFL is a great place to be. Good for him, the Als, and the CFL.

Finding new Coaching Blood for our league has not been Easy Glad He is staying

I'm happy to hear he's staying as well. It's good for the league. Maybe we can find a couple more like him to boost a few weak positions.

What a great coach and even better human being, I wish we could cloan the guy for each of the rest of the teams.

As much as I hate the Als, this is very good news for the CFL. It forces everyone else to get better which improves the product for all of us. That he's staying might be a sign to other State-side coaches who are considering the CFL.

Of course it strengthens the Als and it might also encourage a vet like Cahoon to stay on. (AC and Chiu have already said they'll be back). But it's still good for the league.

An Argo-Cat fan

When your team wins you what them to beat the best, so I'm glad Mark is staying , but I'm not going to wish him good luck. :wink:

A smart move on the Montreal's part.