Mark this down!!!

For the first time ever, Im going to give Tillman some
credit. Going into the season i honestly thought with all
the changes he was making that Saskatchewan was going to take
a step back in progress.

He hired Austin who i expected to fall flat on his face, he
recognized the talent of Cates, and he just grabbed a great
character guy in Holmes.

Im not sure I'd start mapping out the parade route just
yet like some old turkeys are, but so far you guys are
looking pretty good.

Congrats on your success so far.

On behalf of all RESPECPTABLE fans I say thank you.

I also say two years in a row not making the playoffs might hurt.

I do believe Eskylo is a Stamp fan Thryllin... its great to see the Riders playing good football. Its been a long time, my hope is they keep their focus... there's a lot of silly stuff going on here in terms of media overkill.

Oh geez! Now i look stupid, again.

Well thats fine I will just have to retract my statement.


Oh you can't,'s already out there.....


You can take it back Thrylinn. It's an honest mistake - hey I once called Earl American and had to eat my words, so I know what it's like :lol:

Besides, actually acknowledging you goofed makes you a rare breed around this place.

Totally, I was watching an episode of He-man: Masters of the Universe, last night and admitting your mistakes to others was the morale lesson for the end of the show.

Thank god for He-man: Masters of the Universe.

By the power of Greyskull, you have the power....

No need to retract. Just change it to something like this:

Not bad, not bad, but some fine-tuning could add more punch.....I have in mind something such as:

.....same idea, different effect..... 8)

I thought of that, but I figured you couldn’t say they didn’t win a playoff game considering they didn’t actually make the playoffs in 2002, 2003, and 2004. :lol:

TSSSSSK-Eskylo- You have finally seen the light.!!! Congratulations and be assured I will reserve a hot rum for you on the parade route in Regina after the Cup win!!
Riders Rule
CFL Forever

Turkey you got that red and white float done yet!

The Santa Clause parade is after the GC.

Actually, I think it is usually before the Grey Cup....
Either way, 05 can enter his Stamp float if he cares to...
I hope the wheels haven't seized up after storing it in his garage the last few years..

Well Arius there you go spouting off again. What the Stamps float was used in 2001 your green and white float driven by a 1989 tractor was what used in 1989. Do you always want to me to remind you. There are mnay such as Jman that were not around to see it so maybe in the next few decades these kids might see it.

And you wonder why at your age you still have not received that toy train you asked for.

Heh, I think Arius was being sarcastic.

... don't remind me rw05 of '89, I was 5 !

What happened in 1989?