Mark Stephen Best Of All Time Comment

For those of you who have read that. No way. Not even close.

He along with the entire QR77 broadcast team , are such homers it is sickening.

The 96 - 97 Argos would have thumped the Stamps. As well as the 95 Stallions , 09 Als,and 11 Lions

I am saying this while living in Calgary and a Stamps fan.

He is looking at a 15 - 3 record , and while looks impressive it was done against teams in what was a weak season.

In the 2014 season there was 3 levels.

1 - Stamps and Esks

2 -6 other teams-

3 - Ottawa

I remember an interview with the great Esk WR Brian Kelly. He was asked what the formula for winning 5 in a row was. His answer was " it was not so much how good we were as how bad the rest of the league was"

Same goes here. Calgary won this year by default. Although I was through the roof on how they destroyed Edmonton in the West Final.
Please Rider nation , do not jump on me about the Durant injury as I say Sask would have beet Edm in the semi had he been able to play. We will never know.

Anyway, my point is I was at the Grey Cup hoping to see a Stamps victory. I was less then thrilled as the result was that Calgary did not win the Grey Cup. Hamilton lost it.

Calgary scored 3 points in the second half and I would have been more satisfied had Banks got tackled or if Calgary scored another TD. It just feels like a hollow victory.

I am not saying Hamilton would have won as if the TD had counted , there was enough time for Calgary to kick a FG for OT.

I have watched the play over and over. I still have not been able to see if Banks would have been tacked on the first wave.
Does not matter anyway Taylor Reid had no business hitting the guy from behind. Sir , you know it will be a penalty , so what was going through your mind ?

This is eve worse then the 2009 13 man screw up . BTW, for those of you who did not hear the Paul Lapolice interview, Sean Lucus was the 13th man. It was a case that Mon did not win , Sask lost it. But at least it was an honest confused mistake.

Mr Reed should have kept his hands off.

Anyway I think the CFL will be much better in 2015 and good luck Hamilton. I hope you take it .


Brian Hindman aka brihind88
Calgary Ab

The CFL has been bad for some time..a decade ago or more, Qbs like RG3 and Russell Wilson would have either been playing a different position in the NFL, or would have been in the CFL... Not to be overly racist, but look around the CFL, every starting QB is white except 2 black qbs..and one of them is washed up.... Back in the day, the majority of qbs in the cfl were black.. Now that talent is on display in the NFL and we truly are just getting the leftovers.

flutie led argos are for sure the best that will ever be seen in this league.

Not even close! That is the only time that I ever felt the fix was in. The league was not about to let the Flutie led Argos lost. On field goals the officials would wait for Flutie to signal they could call time in after he cleaned the snow off the field, the same consideration was not given to the Eskimos. On one play during the winning drive, Flutie completed a pass for a first down when he was at least 2 yards past the line of scrimmage. The official reached for his flag, Flutie looked at him and he took his hand away. I'm not saying the refs were on the take, I am saying they were intimidated by Flutie's persona. Bottom line, the Flutie led Argos weren't even the best team that year.

Once again generations can not be compared. The Flutie led Argos would have been demolished by the 2014 Stampeders simply because they were bigger, faster and better that previous eras. Simply a fact.

been a long time since I read a bigger load of hogwash

Not that I completely agree with your assessment Bungle but I will admit there is some truth to what you're saying which points to why the league needs to go to 4 downs because 3 downs is a more difficult game and demands more from the qb position and with the CFL not getting as good of qbs as before (but man, these guys are still excellent qbs from American universities so they still are pretty good) well, time to make it easier for them to score and scoring, touchdowns that is, is obviously what the average fan and yourself I'm sure want to see loads of.

Its not just about touchdowns and loads of scoring… Its about seeing a team being able to put together a drive that isn’t aided by penalties… Its about seeing a team going on to the field a d being able to execute simple catch and run plays… This past season was a follie of errors. One after another after another… It turned into a joke when two consecutive weeks that Saskatchewan and Edmonton could not even get a snap off. This was at the end of the season when these teams should have been well oiled machines with all of the bugs worked out, and neither team could function before the snap of the ball… There was something seriously wrong this past season

IMO The CFL is going to be great over the next few yrs, starting this yr .

No saying the Flutie led Argos are the best ever is a far bigger load of hogwash!

No question this years' Stamps would have gotten a beat down from any one of the truly great teams mentioned.
This season was a bizarre one in that most of the teams were in transition phases and were going through large amounts of change on their rosters. Even the Riders had lost some key contributors from the previous season. Calgary was the only team that was relatively unscathed in that category. After about week 2, it was painfully obvious it was the Stamps' Grey Cup to lose. (which they almost did :lol: )

Here's hoping that this season is nothing like this past one(in terms of on the field product).

Unfortunately sad but true. We need the NFL to go back to their racist ways (only kidding of course).

A generation ago, a guy like Russel Wilson would have headed straight to Canada not only because the color of his skin, but also because of his height. It was such a disappointment to see him head straight to the NFL after his great college career; especially after knowing the Als had him on their radar as the eventual replacement for Calvillo.

In addition, there are a number of guys in the NFL right now whose styles are perfect for the CFL but they chose to hang on in the NFL as a third stringer or practice roster player, bouncing from team to team because even those positions pay better than the CFL.

East, you seem to be implying that the CFL should become an official farm league for the NFL to see better quarterbacks therefore since the CFL won't be able to match salaries for even 3rd stringers or practice roster players in many cases. Seems to me the only option for you to get to see these players in the CFL. Is that what you're implying?

Absolutely not Earl. In fact, quite the opposite. I would love to see the league ensure its top QBs receive salaries that are at least on par (or reasonably close to) with what they could earn holding a clipboard in the NFL. Quarterback is the marquee position in football and investing in same is of the utmost importance. Sure their have been some diamonds in the rough developed, but when Kevin Glenn or even worse Kerry Joesph are considered an option to be your backup, you got some major problems.

I think you should go back and look through the seasons and look who were the starting QB's. I think you are blurring seasons and QB's together in your timeline.

Welcome to the board! Quite the first post. Way to bring the ruckas :rockin:

Now as a fellow Stampeder fan I do not disagree with you on many of the points, my question is who really cares what Mark Stepthen or any other local person says in their market ? They are paid to be homers. I am pretty sure every market has them. Do you agree with them or not is your decision and if not that is what talk radio is for and forums like this.

If you want to start a thread on best team of all time perfect. Present your case and let everyone have at it. Than as always( and this case already) someone like Bungle will derail it and the weirdness takes over.
And by the way I am not sure I think this years team could beat the mid nineties team and I am sure those 80's Eskimo's as much as I hated them might take them too.

Agree. Along the lines of the racial NFL that would be more towards 2 decades ago plus.
Along the lines of the recent drought of QBs would be the would be the modern Salary Cap. Teams were paying top starters upwards to a million dollars and back ups making much more than 100-150K.
Until 2009 there were other leagues that were viable options for QBs.
NFLE was a major option and training ground for QBs for several seasons rolling from '95 to early 2000's.
Kurt Warner affect had the Arena Football League booming late 90's and through 2000's.
Those leagues are now gone from there format and salaries. But it has just been over 5 season's since that time.
The NFL refocused their $$$ onto Practice squad development. Which is the CFL's number one competitor for QBs with PR players making about 100K, PR rosters expanding to 10 per team 320 overall, and potential QBs often making a bit more than the NFL PR standard.
However now the CFL is now beginning to tap into a new pool of QBs that have only been around since '08 season. These are the NFL PR pool which many or may not get some chances to spend time on a NFL roster as well.
Drew Willy, Dan Lefevour, Jonathon Crompton, are among that group that are just starting to come from the NFL to the CFL with levels of success getting better. The CFL is also getting a much more mature QB who is several years out of the NCAA and now have qualities of pro athletes.

As for the overall talent level it has never been better with many other NFL players coming the same as the QBs only there are tons more and can adapt much quicker to the CFL. Included in this group are many of the Canadian Players who went to the NFL out of college. NFL no longer discriminates for race or Nationality and the Canadian Players are under the same scutinity to perform within a 3 year period or out they go.
Name me a team and I can name several impact and All star players that have come that route along recently signed that have a very high % od success rate. International and/or National players included as well as some CFL players who went to the NFL and have returned.

I love you guys but sometimes....
Bungle that is just plain racist no matter how you try to sugar coat it. Plus in my opinion entirely irrelevant. They are the best player at their position in the current situation no matter what colour of skin. Add the changing style of play in the NFL and the perfect storm, again no matter what the colour. It does not mean we are only now just getting the leftovers... we have always been getting the leftovers since the money became such a huge difference in the late seventies early eighties, before that we could compete since then no we can't. Simple, money talks no matter what skin colour (or passport as we have seen this off season) you have. As long as I can remember they has always been one team that seems to keep a stable of Qbs and everyone else is envious, Calgary lately, Eskimos in the 80's' Hell even the Ottawa Rough riders had Clemons and Hollaway and JC Watt at one point. I am sure they are others. It just means each team needs to do a better job of scouting finding and signing those "leftovers" because they are still out there i'e Mitchell, Collaros Harris and other young guys black or white.

And Earl I am not sure if you shouldn't have a sarcasm colour because I am clearly not smart enough to know when you mean what you are saying. I am hoping that this time the convoluted case presented above is in jest. It not only makes my head hurt but makes me shake it as well adding to the pain.

But as I said I love you guys.. :lol:

Red Head,

I know the local guys are paid to pump the home team tires, but for him to say this is the best team of all time makes him look foolish. When the competition was below par. As for the call in show, they get rid of you quick if you do not agree with them but if they are in agreement the caller is allowed to go on and on.

Fact is we could all jump in on who is the best of all time. Does not matter as there is no trophy for best off all time.
All that matters is who is the most recent champ.

I know this much.No team will ever go 5 in a row. That is a bragging right that EE will have till the end of time.


yeah, but Edmonton never had doug flutie. Sucks to be Edmonton :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutley. After a couple of decades with other leagues as alternative options to the NFL, the CFL is firmly entrenched again as by far the best. The NFL really does stand for Not for long. Aside from the number of impact players that seem to come from nowhere. They do come from somewhere.
With the NFL now being so specialized especially on defense with the DE/OLB the NFL has hit the CFL of its best rush ends for the past couple years. Now many of them have come full circle and are returning.
As well the Canadian players who were drafted by the CFL many olinman especially have been signed by NFL teams. Not just NCAA but the NFL has begun finding some very good athletic CIS Olineman. With the number of Practice roster spots for each team moving to 10 and a total of 320 total teams are able to take a look at some project type players and can pay a solid PR wage of about 100K. Plus any signing bonus they may receive. As well for a player who is closer to a roster spot can and are paid above the 100K PR standard. now after a few years these Canadian players are now coming to the CFL with the team that drafted them.