Mark Speckman

Je me demandais d'où pouvait venir l'embauche de Mark Speckman, embauche que je trouvais inspirée de la part de Popp.

Voici donc une partie de la réponse.

Ce gars-là a eu beaucoup de succès partout où il est passé et j'ai bien hâte de voir ce qu'il apportera aux demis offensifs. Un gars comme lui pourrait réveiller Messam pour de bon. Si on apprend pas à être très intelligent, on peut apprendre à vouloir faire de bonnes choses et travailler à y réussir. En fin de compte, le résultat est aussi bon.

Nous verrons les résultats sur le terrain, mais il est clair que ce gars-là n'est pas manchot. :wink:

From the Oregon article that LeStaf pasted:

Speckman is nationally known as an expert on the "The Fly" offense. He often is consulted by coaches from the high school level through NCAA Division I about how to use "The Fly" in their offensive schemes.

In "The Fly," the flanker goes in motion across the formation on almost every play. He can take a handoff, block on a running play, or become a receiver. The ball can go in several directions, making "The Fly" difficult to defend. Willamette can run the offense out of several formations.

His development of "The Fly" allowed Willamette to rank in the Top 20 of NCAA Division III each season from 1998 through 2010 and to rush for more than 200 yards per game in 13 of his 14 seasons as head coach.

He has tons of experience running ground-based offenses, including his own specialty ("The Fly"), and he's apparently a good motivator as well. A great pickup for our coaching staff IMO, and just the man to coach up our stable of running backs, particularly Messam, as LeStaf noted. Speckman's involvement would seem to indicate that we're going to continue using a split back formation at least some of the time, with Jennings, Messam, and one of Anderson, Devine, or Rhodes sharing the workload. So many possibilities. Very exciting. :rockin:

With Messam being a Canadian, Devine being groomed into a hybrid RB/SB/Returner will allow the Als to carry 3 or four RB position players to be very creative with offensive sets.Anderson Came on as a Kick off returner last year and Rhodes also having success throughout his career as a Kick Off returner If Devine could become a punt returner the Als would not have to carry a specific import return specialist in one of the DI spots as they can do what Hamilton did last season having a the three return spots by committee with one of each of the starters taking one of these roles.
Also local Univeristy rookie Robertson out of Concordia could also be selected and be quite a draw as a rookie Canadian Return specialist breaking the mold of a mostly import exclusive position.

Agreed, steve. I have high hopes for Devine this year. He's a very different body type from our receivers, and is well-positioned to become that Haskins / Hawkins change of pace threat that we haven't had for a few years now. I see him as being ideally suited to Fly formations as the "jet" guy sprinting at full speed behind the QB prior to the snap.

He is a really good football talent and has NFL talent level skills but his size, injuries and missing the NFL combine in his draft year he slipped out of the draft. Last year was only his second pro season playing in the UFL in 2011. Having him begin the 2012 season as the Als kick off returner on a terribly coaches unit certainly did not help him in his first season with the ALS. Trestman just did not put empahsis on special teams and I suspect the new coach has been informed by the GM that putting great emphasis on special teams in the CFL is important more than any football league.
Rhodes an experienced NFL return man should help Devine and the special teams a lot. Rhodes also was a great multi purpose RB in his 10 years in the NFL as well as 3 in the UFL should be a great mentor for Devine.

Yeah, the Bischoff-Trestman special teams gong show was likely not good for Devine's confidence. I am really looking forward to what that unit can do now that we have someone other than a total incompetent as coordinator and a head coach who actually gives a damn about what is, in this league, a true third of the game.

Yup I am sure that was a huge point in the interview process and Hawkins has added a coach whose only duty is special teams and has Years of big time NCAA DI special teams coaching as well as a 3 year stint with the Colts during their Super Bowl run. I would expect to see a large improvement and a few new Canadian Faces whose job is as a special teams starter.

Agreed, especially the part in bold. Bischoff trying to be ST coordinator, RB coach, and Trestman secretary was a disaster. It always felt like special teams was the least important part of his job. Rychlevski (sp) brings many years of ST experience to the table, and he can always go to Noel Thorpe (himself a seasoned CFL ST coordinator) for advice about how to adapt his system and approach to the Canadian game.

Yea eing Special teams coach and RB coach is one thing but being Trestmans secretary left little time to work on special teams and it showed.