Mark Speckman Job Hunting

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Besides Portland State, Herb reporting Speckman also interviewing for Head Coach at Lewis and Clark Community College, where one can probably earn a degree in rowing.

Good luck to him. Seems like a nice man and a good coach.

Ditto. I'll never begrudge a coach looking to better his circumstances.

Might be too early to speculate on a replacement, but I would cast a vote for Avon Cobourne. Not sure of his contract situation with Coach Chamblin turning into Czar Chamblin looking for scapegoats and dumping Cortez and Hall, when in fact it was Durant`s injury that caused the downfall of the Riders.

Cobourne now has a season of coaching under his belt, was always a fiery guy and can relate to today`s athlete.

Je souhaite que Speckman trouve un emploi à son goût si celui chez les Alouettes ne lui plaît plus.

Pour ma part, je trouve qu'il a fait un travail honnête, d'une assez bonne qualité, mais que les Alouettes pourraient peut-être voir mieux. Andy Bischoff avait fait un meilleur travail que lui, à mon avis.

I like Speckman's work and I wish him all the best if he does find employment elsewhere. The only coach who stayed over from the Hawkins era and you can see why. He did good work with the RBs. Regardless of whether it was Whitaker, Sutton, or Rutley, we had credible threats on the ground and no real problems with fumbles. All the backs seemed to fulfill their blocking responsibilities for the most part.

Speckman certainly highly regarded by this reporter:

"Speckman is the offensive genius that other coaches have studied. Chip Kelly, Mike Bellotti and Mike Riley all spent time with Speckman. So did Urban Meyer. Portland State interviewed Speckman after Jerry Glanville was fired, but chose Burton instead."

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C'est dommage que le fruit de son travail ne se soit pas exprimé à la hauteur de ce qualificatif chez les Alouettes.