Mark Restelli

At first I had mixed feelings about Eric but didn't post my thoughts right away which was a good thing. Then I thought; I'm willing to forgive Mike Vick for what went down with him and I'm a dog lover, so I was able to forgive/repect Tillman. As a Gm he's very active with Edmonton as they rebuild; like MadJack has said he has a different way of doing his job.
I must add; it's a feeling of being intrigued on what is going to happen next. It's all good.

Really I have a hard time understanding what Tillman is doing in Edmonton, He lost his middle linebacker (Rod Davis) and his combo DE/LB Greg Peach and then he lost Mark Restelli when many expected that he would be re-signed to replace Davis. With Restelli, the Eskimo's loss is our gain. So Tillman is short on linebackers but until he made a trade today (trading away a kicker) he had four kickers on the roster -- go figure. He did win in Sask but pretty much he did it with personnel that Roy Shivers put in place after Shivers cleaned house on a terrible Sask team. Then in Edmonton he traded away the much loved Ricky Ray. Eric Tillman has now made himself the face of the Eskimo franchise. He had better win...

I remember Buchanan as a stud DT with the Chiefs. And Parilli briefly played with the Ottawa Rough Riders before hitting the AFL.

I am also a big fan of Vermont ever since my folks used to rent a summer place in Malletts Bay during my teenage years.

Welcome aboard, QB or not.

Well back on topic; Mark Nelson is going to a 4/3 D and the two players in Restelli and Davis weren't "really" in their plans. But Yes, it is very much a gain for Montreal. However, the Eskies D-Line will be O.K. as well as the Corners/Safety position. The LB core may/could be a concern I must say, so thus it's a wait and see.

Some Vermont trivia for you -- the only two states that do not have any division one football in the United States are Vermont and Alaska.

Ce gars-là veut-il vraiment être notre ami? :wink: J’avais réussi à ne plus y penser…

I figure Edmonton would suck last year and they had a great season. The whole Jyles for Ray that one will be worth watching...

Do we know that for sure, backer? And, assuming that to be the case (and I do suspect that it is), is he going to a 4/3 out of choice or necessity?

No, you must say "the LB corps". . . :lol:

Actually after Tillman's spring cleaning its a corpse.

Since I'm called out; I would say (my take) that Mark will go with a 4/3 D by his choice.
I should have said LB core group as a whole :stuck_out_tongue: No?