Mark Restelli

Maybe some incoming veterans have a preference for a particular number? I’m confused about Deslaurier taking Anwar’s old number, though.

Well, that confirms they will not retire Anwar's number :thdn:

Disappointing that Anwar's number 9, the number that belonged for 10 years to a great player with tremendous heart; a gladiator, will now be worn by Deslauriers... :thdn: :roll: :oops: :frowning: :x

Even if they did retire Anwar's number, it wouldn't be until a few years after he definitely retired from the game.

Isn't there something about eligibility for certain offensive plays that requires players to wear numbers within a certain range?

Désolé d'avoir à vous reprendre, mais en 2010, Brady n'était plus joueur. C'est Emry qui a fait les dégagements à la place de ... le gars, là... lui... chose... avant que Colt David ne vienne en placer 6 dans sa première partie.

Excusez mon message précédent, je n'avais pas encore vu celui-ci. :oops:

Peut-être qu'il est le prochain Maurice Richard des Alouettes... :lol:

Three nice acquisitions in Davis, Hunt and Restelli. Defence wins championships. These are the moves that really will make a difference.

Welcome to the forum Buck !


Somehow 'Rocket' Deslauriers doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Would be more like Kenworth Deslauriers...

:lol: :thup:

Many thanks for the welcome !!!

Great to have a CFL QB on our Forum :smiley:

Halftard :lol:

CFL QB – no
CFL fan – yes
Al fan – absolutely !!!

You'll enjoy the Alouette forum Buck; I'm still waiting for the next CFL RB to show up on the Eskie forum. Sigh..

Hey backer...

I see you display the Edmonton Eskimo logo -- what is your opinion of Eric Tilman? This question isn't only for backer -- anyone is welcome to reply please...

I always thought Tillman was one smart cookie. . . has a good record of success over the years in various different places.

That said, his moves and non-moves this offseason sure have me scratching my head. . .

If you're an Als fan, why choose "Buck" for a handle? Must be a story behind that. . . unrelated to a certain qb toiling in Winnipeg I would expect.

No connection to Buck Pierce, although I would have to say I have a lot of respect for him especially after all of the hit that he has taken over the years. I choose the name "BUCK" because I also follow FCS football. The award for the defensive player of the year is named after Junious BUCK Buchanan so it is appropriately called the BUCK Buchanon Award. There are a couple of players in the CFL that have won that award including Greg Peach now in Hamilton and JC Sherritt in Edmonton. I greatly enjoy defensive football. I am originally a Vermonter and when that happens you have to find a team to cheer for so I am a fan of the Alouettes and the Patriots. I remember very well back to when Vince Ferragamo came up to Montreal and bombed and I also remember Babe Parilli when he was with the Boston Patriots.

Great, that makes at least two of us !

Man, I've tried real hard to forget that !