Mark Restelli

If KItwana Jones is released I would be pretty pissed and it better be a salary issue. IMHO he was the fastest guy on special teams, and when he got his chance he put a heck of alot of pressure on the other teams QB. He has the heart of warrior and never gives up, kind of reminds me of Erik Cole! :rockin:

He was not even the best of the Als on special teams tackles; Walter Spencer was first with 19 tackles and Jones was second with 17. Age,production and salary will be taken into consideration when released. We don't need a $70,000 or so player to play almost exclusively on special teams.


Never knew Emery can punt. Anyone know his stats?

Hfx: Several times I have noted you saying something like" that's what I heard Jim Say". You provide a lot of good info. So you must have access to Jim and others in the organization more so than Herb? I know you research places like Montana and other universities where the Als have drafted Canadians. I have looked at these sites also, from time to time, and located info that seems like something you repeated here. You and Richard V contribute info that is not just opinion but appears as factual material. Both of you bring lots of good material to this site.

No access. Jim was asked by Rick Moffat about Shell or Parker on CJAD and that was Jim’s answer. If you go in the alouettes section of CJAD and you click the articles, there is a picture to the left of the article if you see a green triangle you can play the interview.

I just don’t bother with sources, too many to keep track but I try to be as accurate as I can.

Have to admit didn`t know that Kornegay was more a zone than press coverage DB.

Brandon Isaac would be a good candidate but he is looking at NFL options and will likely re-sign in Calg. if they don`t pan out.

In the past 2 hours or so import rookie RB Winston Thompson has been removed from the off-season roster.

We presently have 15 defensive linemen,i.e. 11 imports and 4 non-imports on the off-season roster. Someone will have to come off,sooner than later.


I agree with you, mike. From what I recall last season, Kitwana Jones made the best of his appearances.

That said, he must be considered a journeyman player at this point. Perhaps his play is is not consistent enough to crack the starting lineup. What I did see, however, was that he was very much involved on STs, usually being the first or one of the first on the tackle. I also was impressed when he was inserted into one of the LB spots from time to time.

I sure hope we have a good crop at TC. Some of the D linemen have some degree of pedigree and I think we are OK at LB. Time, of course, will tell. Can't wait for TC!

Im not gonna start a war of words here, but he was brought here to do that play special teams and backup the d-line. I would see if he can still bring it before cutting him. Thanks JKM sometimes i feel alone with my opinions on this forum!

Agreed. I like Kitwana but he's not a starter anymore and we can't pay him $70k to be an ST body. Either he accepts a pay cut or he's released.

Emry a fait les bottés de dégagement lorsque Duval s'est blessé en 2010, avant que Colt David n'entre en scène. Je ne me souviens pas si c'est lui ou Cahoon qui faisait les bottés d'envoi, mais Cahoon avait encore réussi un placement dans cette partie. Je n'ai pas encore pu retrouver les statistiques d'Emry comme botteur, mais il me semble que sa moyenne était autour de 36 verges par botté de dégagement, dont deux de 40 verges ou plus, si ma mémoire est bonne. Je crois que s'il n'a pas de statistiques à ce chapitre, c'est parce qu'il n'était pas dans l'alignement comme botteur, mais comme secondeur.

He's not very good... "Break glass in case of emergency" :lol:

Oh, absolument! Mais c'est tout de même un atout. On a payé DeAngelis comme roue de secours toute la saison dernière, alors c'est tout de même un avantage qu'il a. D'ailleurs, s'il n'est pas un bon botteur, il est tout de même un dépanneur acceptable. On est loins de Restelli, mais bon...

It was Marcus Brady doing the punting in those emergency situations, not Emry. And Brady I recall was quite decent.

Emry was handling kickoffs, and of course Cahoon the field goals and converts.

I stand corrected about Emry, and LeStaf is correct. Brady punted in 2008 when Duval got hurt and Emry did it in 2010.

I will second the note that the defensive coaching in the 2010 Grey Cup win was perhaps the best coaching I have ever witnessed. We owned the SASK defense. By playing both man to man and, mixing this up with the zone defense, and, throwing Anwar Stewart into DT for a play or two, the SASK defensive team did not know if we were going or coming. What makes it interesting it the reality that the defense, while not showing dominance during the regular season, clearly were the guys responsible for that Grey Cup win. Indeed the interception by the defensive back, made it impossible for the RRs to stage a comeback.

I noticed that Walter Spenser is not listed on our group this year- has he not recovered from that stabbing incident? I too question that K Jones is worth $70 000. I thought that Mike Giffin was generally the first Alouette down field in our kick return team in 2010. He was listed with the squad in 2011 but hardly played. I believe he had some sort of injury? I hope he will again be back to form this year. What will happen to Dix this year? I thought he was the best of a bad lot last year but, I noted many here were quite down of his play. With lots of newcomers showing up at training camp this year, his status will be interesting. Remember, he played a role in that 2010 Grey Cup win. Estelle's status will also be interesting to watch. With all the newcomers and, a new coach, training camp will be of interest! Will the preseason games be televised?

The Als have added 2 import players to their off-season roster; they are:
Wopamo Osaisi,DB,6.0,195 and 25 years old. He dressed for a few games,with Edmonton,last season.
B.J.Williams,DE,6.3,250 and 23 years old.

We are now at 77 players,i.e. 47 imports and 30 non-imports.

Walter Spencer is a free agent;explains why he is not on roster/group; same for Jermaine McElveen.


He was a depth guy in Edmonton but seems like an interesting project.

Osaisai’s strength is clearly his speed. The Stanford track star will probably get drafted just because he can run fast. Can anyone say Oakland Raiders? But there is more to Osaisai than just his speed. He really improved his game during his four years at Stanford. When he first emerged he was just a fast guy on the outside. But by his senior year he was making crucial tackles and had developed his instincts to make a number of critical pass defenses.

CBS Sports lists Osaisais’s strengths and weaknesses:

Positives: Rare combination of size and pure speed. … Set Stanford's school record in the 100 meters when Osaisai runninghe clocked a time of 10.39 to finish fourth at the 2005 Pan American Games. … Willing in run support. … Breaks down well and has developed into a secure tackler. … Rare speed and tenacity as a special teams' gunner. … Uses his hands well to get off the initial jam and can blow by blockers. … Can track the ball deep. … Good balance to break down and secure the bouncing kicked ball. … Voted team captain.
Negatives: Better athlete than football player. … Limited instincts in coverage. … While he has excellent straight-line speed, isn't particularly fluid out of his breaks and lacks the burst back to the ball. … Bites on double-moves because he trusts his speed and can be beaten over the top. … Poor hands for the interception. Only two interceptions over his career despite 24 passes broken up and 25 starts.

Consensus draft services says Osaisai could go as high as the 4th round. Others, like does not even list Osaisai on their projection list. Osaisai is clearly a guy that is off the radar for a number of scouting services. Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News sees Osaisai going in the 6th or 7th rounds.

One knock against Osaisai is due to an ankle injury he was not able to run for scouts at the Stanford pro day. So teams may have to rely on old numbers to know just how fast he is. Of course anyone who does their research can look at his track times to get those results.

My projection: I tend to go with Wilner. Osaisai’s speed along is enough to get him drafted. But he is a project player. I don’t see him sneaking up into the 4th round. Maybe the 5th if someone really wants a special teams speedster and project corner. But I think it is more likely we will see Osaisai come off the draft board in the 6th round, maybe dropping into the 7th round. I look at former Stanford players Leigh Torrance and Stanley Wilson still playing in the NFL, so I think there is a place for Osaisai on the right team.

Perusing the off-season roster,I realized that a few veterans have been assigned different numbers whereas most newcomers have been assigned a number. Some of the changes are:

Daunte Akra-from # 99 to # 94
Vince Anderson-from #3 to # 16
Eric Deslauriers-from # 80 to # 9
Adrian McPherson-from # 5 to # 3
Rashaud Slaughter-from # 32 to # 1

Numbers for some newcomers:

Reed Alexander-# 65
Rod Davis-# 12
Noel Devine- # 5
Aaron Hunt- # 99
Ventrell Jenkins-# 93
Tremaine Johnson- # 47
Duke Lemmens- # 45
Michael Montgomery- # 53
Stephan Neville- # 20
Mark Restilli- # 32
Blaine Ruttan- # 42


I have no idea why in the world they would do that ? Anyone know ?