Mark Restelli

According to TSN,Mark Restelli,LB,I previously with the Eskimos,has been signed by the Als. Good special team player.Had a try-out with Miami,in 2011, as Safety.

Definitely many new faces on defense,in 2012.


Restelli’s arrival pretty much spells the end of Diamond Ferri.

We've been wondering if Reinebold was going to run a 4/3/5 defence or a 3/4/5.

Well, with all the LBs we have now, maybe he's going to be creative and run a 1/6/5 . . .

[quote="MadJack"]We've been wondering if Reinebold was going to run a 4/3/5 defence or a 3/4/5.

A GM's job is to bring the talent and player types his coaching staff asks and wants and you combine that with giving 53 points and a new DC and you are going to have change. We've seriously upgraded our talent on defense and lost no one on offense. Keep in mind that we need flexibility with Boulay and Emry concussion issues. That will have an effect on our LB/Safety ratio choices.

Woldu: Ruttan 5 years younger
Wilson: AHunt 4 years younger
Stewart: Lemmens 14 years younger
Mcelveen:Montgomery about same both around 28
Spencer: Restelli 7 years younger
Estelle:Williams 6 years younger

One of Ferri, Jones or Guzman will be fighting off Davis,Akra and others

Practice roster is expanded this year to 7.
And a couple guys like Mcknight and such could end up being 9 game for the start of the season.

Very interesting. I suppose Resteli is going to be mainly a special teams body, because we certainly don't, on the surface, need another import linebacker, unless Reinebold has already decided that Ferri and/or Guzman are expendable?

Could also be Kitwana Jones… Competitions is good. Should be a great camp.

Richard must be hard at work on his roster analysis. Nobody does it better at breaking down the business side of the roster.

Peut-être Emry pourrait-il aussi écoper? Il avait eu une saison 2010 en dents de scie. Mais il a l'avantage d'être canadien, à moins que le canadien de service ne devienne Brouillette, quoique je vois plus ce dernier comme maraudeur que comme secondeur intérieur.

No he's one of our 7 starters but he hasn't had any contact since his concussion so we have to be ready to play an import if he can't handle contact anymore. Everyone is hoping for the best. He seems to be doing great but till you crash helmets, you can be sure.

maybe he's on the Als management payroll :smiley:

true enough. Crosby is a perfect example. Came back last December and had to hang them up after a few games after concussion symptoms re occurred.

Who knows what will happen in training camp. Someone could end up being injured and or ssomeone could end up being traded.
Have to like the fact there will be players fighting for a starting spot.

There will be more changes for sure. Last year's draft picks, ucomming draft. neg list players and Popp refused to tell Rick Moffat he was done shopping.

Il va sans dire. Je souhaite aussi qu'Emry nous revienne au sommet de sa forme. Mais dans les jongleries d'un nouvel entraîneur, les critères sont plus liés au type de défensive qu'il veut bâtir et aux joueurs qu'il veut pour la réaliser. Le dernier goût qu'Emry avait laissé était mi-figue, mi-raisin. Je pense soudainement à un autre gros avantage qu'il a : il peut faire des bottés de dégagement.

And still no LB coach as yet :slight_smile:

Although I think Popp said there were defensive meetings scheduled shortly, so I guess it`s just a matter of time.

He also said coaches looking at film, but no decision yet as to 3-4 or 4-3.

Nothing wrong with loading up and letting training camp settle things. Competition brings out the best in players.

Kornegay still out there. Who knows what other midnight surprises Popp has.

Forgot about him. With Davis in the fold, I'm not sure there's a place for Kitwana anymore. Davis is the same kind of tweener LB and he's younger and just better.

Kornegay is a cover guy, Jim says they want guys who can play B&R. Zones are not what you want against Ray and Burris.

What about Brandon Isaac? He played in Calgary last year, and we all know how much Chris Jones loves his press coverage.

FWIW I don't think man and zone are mutually exclusive propositions. No reason we can't play man over zone or zone over man in certain downs and situations. In the 2010 Grey Cup, one of the keys to our success defensively was changing up our man defense to zone schemes, which seemed to catch the Roughriders off-guard. Even if we play man primarily, we still need the ability to throw in zone coverages to change up the looks.

Just relaying what I heard Jim say.

The Als will,most probably, keep a total of 10 import defensive linemen and linebackers on their active roster; a minimum of 8 and as much as 9 will/could dress; could be 5 defensive linemen and 4 linebackers or the opposite,i.e. 4 DL,s and 5LB,s. and no less than 4 and 4.

For me,the most vulnerable import defensive lineman is definitely Kitwana Jones; I expect that he will be released before training camp.

Based on what has been said by Jim Popp and written,my expected 10 import defensive linemen and linebackers are:

Defensive linemen: John Bowman,DE,Michael Montgomery,DE and 1 of Daunte Akra,DE or Duke Lemmens,DE. Aaron Hunt,DTand 1 of Moton Hopkins,DT or Ventrell Jenkins,DT or Tremaine Johnson,DT. Total 5 import defensive linemen.

Linebackers: Chip Cox,Rod Davis,Diamond Ferri,Ramon Guzman and Mark Restelli. Total of 5 linebackers.

The practice roster will definitely include an import DL and an import LB.