Mark Restelli injury

How many of you hit rewind on the DVR to watch what happened to #44 Restelli?

That was the most disturbing thing i've seen in a while. I tore my ACL and MCL and damaged cartilege in my left knee with a wrestling injury and it was so damn painful. Anytime I see a leg injury it disturbs me. I hit rewind just to see what happened and the second I saw his leg bending backwards, I turned away and wouldn't watch anymore.

I felt the commentators didn't really show much concern for the injury. All I could think about was Restelli's mom watching the game on TV and being forced to see that replay over and over with no comments from the commentating team and not much of an update on it either.

I feel your pain Restelli. Get well. Good luck. Recover fully (or as close to fully as is possible).

Personally, I can't stand watching the replays. Too gruesome. :?

Before I hurt my knee, I had no problems watching them. Now that I can empathize, I find it very difficult to watch. :oops:

Did this happen with or without contact, as I was on business travel and missed this game too?

If without contact, see the FieldTurf thread


and the cases of Hixon and Welker already.

All the same even with contact it would be possible, and dependent on its nature, that the turf aggravated the injury as well.