mark myers?

soooo how come this guy doesnt play anymore? i know he got injured but is it this bad?>? whats the deal

I Think its because they dont want to pull the plug on Boreham's Season, it has to be that because any other team would have cut Jamie by now.

Or because with all the injuries they need the flexibility they get from having a non-import kicker.

Or the fact that Jamie has looked better. Anybody EVER think of that? (and yes I realize I was making fun of him on the Creative Writing thread, however it was all in fun, he's my favourite player)

Is Myers really injured or is it just creative accounting?

i felt more comfortable with myers but jamie hasnt done anything to lose his job since hes come back and with our offense who needs a fg kicker :lol:

Sad, but true.

With all the extra work he's been getting, Fleming should ask for a raise.

forgive me but I don't think Boreham has had a lot of work to screw up.

Remember ...we can't cross center field?????

lol dont give management any ideas now they'd be stupid enough to give him the raise. but yes it is soo sad that they've attempted what 3,4 Field goals in the last 3 games maybe even less, and I would love to see Myers get in there and see if he can really kick cuz really all he did was kick a few FG and yes one was a game winner but any guy can kick a FG and get lucky look at that guy that won 1 million in that wendy contest last season.

You be the judge, Ockman. If not you, I am sure
lots of other posters will have something unkind to say.

Myself, I would assume he is injured because for 3 weeks,
he hasn't kicked at all at practice.

So is Jamie.

He tested himself to see whether he could kick
a few field goals at the last practice and did okay
but basically he hasn't kicked at practice for 4 weeks.

except for game days.