Mark Myers Troubles.....

my post was more directed at the first three or four posts in this thread

and mikey, miller and BG. (y'all know i was a big fan of boreham too, its just my being a fan of the team cancels out any fan-ship i hold for a player.

just from the tone of the first few posts in this thread it seemed as though people were looking for issues to bring up with Myers that dont seem to be supported by any empirical evidence other than one missed kick.

this is simple…if the cats lose by 7 you dump on the qb…lose by 3 dump on the kicker!!..crap rolls down hill!! bottom line, meyers is a better kicker!!

Never mind about Meyers the kid is excellent for someone who had no idea about the Canadian game--- YOU CANNOT kick every kick perfectly, I think we should be looking at the REAL problem Fleming another student of U of Boreham !!

If you read the original post it was just a question not a shot at Myers by any means.
I think some people have to learn not to be so defensive, that is why they call this area a forum.....

This kid is only 24. He's got a ton of potential....let's get behind him and build his confidence.

I also read somewhere that he can also punt. :cowboy:

I would hope it would be a strength for Jamie - he was a safety in university.

We have to face the fact that finding a long-term solution at kicker isn't going to happen in a handful of games. I hope Myers pans out over the season (and beyond), but he's by no means cemented to the roster yet.

the kid has played all of two games and made 5 of 6 FGs. yes the one miss was from what 43 yards? but he had previously made two others that were longer.

its the timing of this thread that i question, not only the content.

Espo, you are reading into things that are not intended at all. I had heard the report on him when they first brought him on board and my original question was just seeing if there was any truth to it. I have been very impressed with him so far even the long fg's he has put down the middle.



:D :D :D

Go Mark! Since Oscar Goldman is not available to retrofit Bernie with another bionic leg, you are safe... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

i was checking the stats, and the one FG myers missed was 47 yards....thats hardly an easy kick.

but he made all the ones he should have made.

Boreham's last outing was 4-5 and he too missed a 47 yarder.....hardly an easy kick.....meh

but yeah, Myers is good and lets get behind him on his field goal kicking...

I still believe Boreham should be used for punting and kick-offs due to his skills and "heads-up" decision making in a crisis.....let's see how the decisions are made though by those who make them.....

If a coach needs to tell his Kicker that he needs to work on his tackling, that coach has bigger problems than his Kicker…oh wait, we’re 1-5…still having fun though…

How can you complain Myers

He has missed once
How many Did Jamie Miss..