Mark Liegghio K/P

Was checking to see if he is a free agent but appears not which may prevent a knee jerk reaction from some who were calling for his head over the GC loss.

looking at his stats the one thing that stood out were the 5 tackles and while I can't remember all 5 off the top, I will say that 3 were td saving tackles.

Also puts him 5 ahead of Justin Medlock on the all time list.

There is something to be said for a guy that puts in that effort and you would think the special teamers appreciate the help.

I can see the Bombers chasing a Castillo and that worked too but I personally would not give up on Liegghio just yet.

Mourtada was on the practice roster so would be a free agent. Remember depth of his kickoffs was supposed to be a thing but never did see the field. Not sure if he punts.


Personally, I am ok with one more year of Liegghio to see if he has more to give or if this is his ceiling. The special team effort as a punter is great and should we add another place kicker, Marc should hold onto the punting job. If this is the best Marc can do as a place kicker (makes some big kicks but seems 50-50 when the pressure is on late) then at the end of next year he should be relieved of place kicking duties.

Mourtada was awful 2 years ago. Nothing against the man personally, but he doesn’t need another chance in Blue and Gold.


I think this is the majority thought, and I'd like to see us draft the next great college kicker, no idea if there is one though.


Why are so many fans 'blaming' Legghio for the GC loss?
Because he missed a convert ? Bede was only 3 for 5 on field goals . One of the FG attempts was good for a single point . So Bede got 10 of possible 15 points. Could you blame Bede for not getting 5 points ?

Not blaming him for the loss. The loss was a team loss. Marc just is in the Bottom half of Kickers in this league. That just doesn’t cut it. And after having Justin “Money” Medlock for all the years we are a bit spoiled.

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I would give Legghio the spring camp and training camp. If he kicks 100% at that point, give him the preseason. If not, get that unsigned veteran in. If he hits 100% of his PATs and field goals in the preseason keep him for the start of the season. Then PATs 100%, no exceptions. If he accomplishes that and 85% on field goals you keep him, but that first PAT miss, have that veteran place kicker on speed dial and on the next plane into Winnipeg.

As Hometown_Fan mentioned, his punting and punt cover is good.


I have no opinion on, vested interest in, his future as a Blue Bomber ... but with CFL contracts printed on toilet paper the fact that he is not a pending free agent makes little difference if there is a kicker(s) the BBs prefer.

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I've been one of his biggest defenders, but when you miss a convert and lose the big game by 1 point, fans have a right to not be happy with the kicker.


My thought was if he was a FA that he might sign in Hamilton.

Isn't Seth Small in Hamilton? Can't see why they would let him go. He had a great year. I still believe that Lieghhio could be a very good placekicker as he matures and develops. But if Hamilton wants to swap kickers, I would make that deal. :grin:

Small was a revelation to be sure but I would be surprised to not see the NFL come calling given his age and record of success. Side note: he is from Katy, Texas which is the same hometown of Bo Levi. Must have been a ratio issue that made them go with Domagala to start the season. Cats also have a Global punter.

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The tackles/effort were great and all but the Bombers hired a kicker, not a special teams demon. The fact he's been in on so many "tackling opportunities" indicates a paucity of kicking ability. Leggio is a truly spooked campaigner in Winnipeg - better to take his "Gunch-Ball" act to the USFL, playing before a few hundred paid attendees.
The Iron Sheik, Mourtade obviously not the answer either. Medlock is 40, don't think he'd want to soil a great CFL legacy with a slightly withered leg and worrying about his business holdings.
One thing in Leggio & Mourtada's favor - Mike O'Shea is loyal beyond loyal. O'Shea very likely will double down in keeping Legs & Sheik around.

I think the plan is to not out kick the coverage. There was talk at one point of him hitting from 70 so we know he has the leg.

Moving the kick off back has been deceiving and along with taking the ball at the 40 after a FG tilts the playing field more than it should imo.

Just discussing, not arguing

Good points, especially about the returns on missed FGs. A returner who can't get it out from 3 to 15 yds into the endzone shouldn't be returning. Period. Getting it to the 20 is basically like taking a 20 yd penalty. But returners are almost always enticed by taking it back TO THE HOUSE (infrequent)

The 40 doesn't seem to matter much - except coaches are enraged when a returner can't outrun sluggish guards & tackles (blockers) and only returns it between the 5 and 15.

I thought it showed up later in the season when teams were more willing to gamble inside the 25.

Kicking a 15 yd FG and giving up 25 yds of field position for 3 points is a marginal return. Turning the ball over deep at least gives the defense a chance to get the ball back at midfield and is the better chess move imo obviously depending on the game situation

According to the box score Bede missed three field goals out of SIX. So, counting the rouge he got 10 out of EIGHTEEN points, and he is a
more experienced veteran.

Thanks for the correction. Supports the point I was making

You're welcome. Liegghio has stepped into some pretty big shoes (Medlock's) and this was only his second season. He made progress oer his first season and i expect he'll have more to show us next season.

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He split duties to begin 2021 with Mourtada, and because of his and their inaccuracy and inconsistency, they brought Castillo in. He was money for the Bombers, including the Grey Cup. One miss and the Bombers may have lost that game too instead of going into OT.

Legghio was 3-6 on PATs in the playoffs this year and one miss cost two points the other way. A 5 point swing in all. A professional kicker should be better than 50% on converts. Had the WF been closer, who knows if they would have even won that game.

The kicker has one job, make the convert. For the record, it doesn’t matter to me how the other kicker performed. It’s how the Bombers kicker performed.


That's fair. I'm not happy that he missed kicks either, but he's far from alone in missing kicks. I imagine that even when Justin Medlock was kicking for the Blue Bombers the front office was keeping track of who was available, how well they were doing, and whether they would fit in under the salary cap and their nationality, and you know they are still doing the same, and will keep doing so. If they find someone else they will either make a change or at least have a competition for the roster spot next spring.

A lot of Blue Bombers had worse-than-usual performances in the Grey Cup. If you're into blaming people, there's enough to go around, rather than targeting one second year player.