Mark Korte To Miss Home Opener

Well I guess it's better than missing a game to get divorced. I wonder if Chris Jones was invited.

Okay, I 'get' that Covid pushed wedding dates out and he likely booked the date before the schedule was released but holy matrimony, the optics of this are terrible. There are 18 days in the year that you have to show up for your organization and teammates. Even if the wedding planner said, "How about Saturday, June 18?," I'd be thinking...."hmmm, better than average chance I will have a game that day. What about Sunday?"

This is going to go down in "only in the CFL" Ottawa drafting a dead guy! :grin:

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He could have had the ceremony at half time. :grinning:


Mark Korte told all CFL teams who were interested in signing him back in February of his upcoming wedding date. The CFL schedule was released in December 2021, so Edmonton knew of this conflict but signed him anyway.

It's one game for crying out loud. He made sure everyone knew well ahead of time. I would bet booking a wedding is difficult at best right now with the backlog from those who chose to wait.

Guys have missed games for far worse reasons than this........

Well at least Jones didn't force him to live common law.

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